Ready for the Weekend!

After the long day yesterday of my hair dresser of 3 years cancelling my wedding day hair appt(long story), my ghost chocolate cakes falling over on the way to kitchen queens, and my bags breaking leaving walmart.. im ready for a glass…bottle… of wine! This is the first weekend in months that I have absolutely nothing planned except for dog watching my sister’s pups. I look forward to relaxing and sleeping in! Here are a few pics from last night’s kitchen queens! my cute ghost chocolate carmel cakes pre-disater
me posin haha
my mom, jessica and sydney
Rachel and Lane
Me and Rachel

Hope eveyrone has a great weekend!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend!

  1. Maggie

    Enjoy your free weekend!!!

    I hate it when those Walmart sacks break! You’d think they would double bag certain things!! LOL Josh carried in some DrPepper the other day and the bag busted and it shook them up and we had to drink them flat – BUMMER!! =)

  2. Just Me

    Okay so i have to ask.. what in the world is kitchen queens? I have heard about it on several different blogs, but dont know what it actually is. Fantastic blog by the way you have the prettiest hair ever 🙂

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