If Dogs Could Talk…

I am sure everyone has thought about this before. What would my dog say? What would he/she sound like? Would they jabber all the time? Well I know my dog might have a say in what she wears everyday! haha. She doesn’t have a problem wearing the clothes, but I think its because I started her at a young age.lol. Well today, she would probably say, “Mama, I wear these silly clothes everyday, but we gotta draw the line somewhere.. a scarf???” and “What in the heck are these things on my legs?” haha. Yeah doggie leg warmers are not Sadie’s favorite fashion accessory. : )

What do you think your dog would say to you?


18 thoughts on “If Dogs Could Talk…

  1. Hailey

    I don’t have any pets… but I have a two year old… does that count? Haha!
    I use to have a chihuahua named Ugg. She hated wearing clothes but they just look so darn cute in them.
    Your Sadie is adorable!


  2. Brooke Bertalan

    Hahaha! This is my favorite outfit. I am about to send this picture to everyone I know. Sadie is too cute in leg warmers!!!!! And her scarf!! Ugh. You are too much.

  3. Maggie

    Oh my gosh – she is JUST PRECIOUS!! LOL

    Missy would say, “OK, so how come the cat gets all the treats around here?!” LOL Jonah is constantly feeding our cat treats.

  4. Lori

    I dress up my little Chihuahua Martini in tshirts and sometimes he likes it and other times not. But your little Sadie is the cutest little girl!

  5. Nicole

    Ha she is so precious in her little scarf and leg warmers! I wish miss Daisy was small enough so I could torture her with lots of cute clothes 🙂

  6. Danica

    Ha ha! Those pictures are too great, I love them! Those leg warmers are too funny! She sure does look happy though, it’s a hard life, being so fashionable!

  7. Kari Beth

    Too stinkin cute! I only wish my dogs would let me dress them! And…I don’t even want to know what my dogs would say to me. Peaches (the doodle) seems very suicidal and Peggy (the terrier) acts like she on crack! Ha ha 🙂

  8. Naturally Caffeinated Family

    Haha, I love it! I want a pair of leg warmers!! We used to dress my puppy up and occasionally we’d get to bring him to elementary school and when we’d walk by a classroom everyone would think we were holding a baby, we loved it!

  9. AndreaLeigh

    Sadie is too cute! Love her leg warmers. I wish I had a girl dog to dress up in tutus and tiaras. I have, on occassion, forced my male chihuahuas into girly wear. 🙂

    If my dogs could talk, they would say “put that costume on me and I will pee on your bed tonight.” LOL!

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