Wine + Dresses= Happy Tara : )

Drew and I just booked our Napa tour! YIPPIE! A private 8 hour limousine tour! I am soooo pumped! I have a huge passion for wine, a little too much. Drew and I decided last night that we are not going to give each other a “gift” before the wedding, instead we are going to order a few cases of wine while we are in nappa. : ) We are still going to write each other letters. If anyone has been to Napa, and has any favorite vineyards please let me know! We are planning our tour as we speak!

I have also been thinking of my honeymoon outfits! (surprised??) haha. I am going to pack early so I wont forget anything and so I will not have to worry about it the days before the wedding. So being the dress obsessed girl I am, I have gotten a “few” for the trip! : ) Now, I need to go find some fabulous shoes : )Here are two of them!

yeah, you can say i love sparkles! But this dress is even more GORGEOUS in person!

I fell in LOVE with this color and instantly saw me wearing a flower in my hair in Maui : )
I think my sister Rachel has a “dress obsessed” girl on her hands… and I will take some of the blame for that one haha…. GET READY SHANE!
Such a Beauty! : )


11 thoughts on “Wine + Dresses= Happy Tara : )

  1. Carolyn

    I fell in LOVE with Napa but the problem is…I drank a wee bit too much sparkling wine and wine when I was there to remember all the names of my favorites. OOPS!

    **Mondavi is gorgeous for pictures but the wine is mediocre.

    **Chandon has a fantastic front lawn, perfect for kartwheels…believe me. Oh yeah, and the back patio is a great place to sip sparkling wine at 10am too. 😉

    **Folie A Deux has some of my favorite wines!

    **Castello di Amorosa ( is an amazing castle that we went to and you cannot skip this one. The tour went underground to the old torture cells and into the wine cellars too. Then at the end of the tour you see how wine is made and do tastings. AMAZING!


  2. AndreaLeigh

    Oh wow, what a great present to each other. the hubs and I did gifts and i’m sad to say 6 years later i don’t know where they are. the memories of this trip will last forever, though!

  3. Maggie

    Love the dresses; you are going to look great!! Good idea of packing early so you won’t forget anything… your mind will be all over the place days before the wedding!!! =)

  4. LyndsAU

    Those dresses are amazing! I looove the blue one! You will look great in them!!
    I hope yall have a blast. That NAPA tour sounds awesome! Drink some wine for me 🙂

  5. Brooke Bertalan

    I love love love that first dress and I am so glad you bought it. I saw it in the window in Dallas and I knew you needed to have it before I even knew you bought it. Haha! You are going to be such a beauty in that second dress with a flower in your hair!

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