Lets get these wedding posts started : )

Alrighty! I have gotten most of the pictures that people took during all the festivities, so lets start with the bridesmaid luncheon and spa day! : ) That morning, Claire and I went to the salon to get our hair fixed for the day’s activities! Next, I reserved a private dinning room at a swanky restaurant in fayetteville called Bordinos. They custom printed menus for me and I made personalized name cards for each girl! (all were inside jokes we each shared) I also got a two tiered leopard cake that was just plain fabulous! The girls received their gifts- monogrammed leopard robes, red sequin adorned slippers, their wedding day shoes, earrings, and broach, make-up customized for each girl, nail polish and lip plumper! The little ones got matching leopard robes with their names monogrammed on the back, fur capes and vintage pink purses with a lip gloss surprise inside! After lunch I surprised the girls with a pedicure appointment at the newest spa in Northwest Arkansas, East meets West. It was so much fun and we got some adorable pictures! : ) Enjoy!
at the salon
all the pretty girls!

me and claire being funny before everyone arrived

britt tryin out the lip plumper

claire is the best helper!

the menus : )

claire and her name card (her stagename she made up)

isnt this just ADORABLE

me and my step mom

me and miss kristin

future mrs gibby (drews nickname as a kid)

my fav pic of the day!

me and rachel

wine and pedicures= heaven

sisters ! : )

isnt this just too cute

Me and Miss Claire, she was showing me her toes


being silly like always

love claires face in this one

me and one of my awesome friends, Kristin!
The Next post will be all of us girls getting ready at the Salon on the wedding day!!! We didnt get very may rehearsal dinner pictures, since my photographer was there, but we will get those in a month! : )


10 thoughts on “Lets get these wedding posts started : )

  1. Maggie

    Great pictures!! What a fabulous party, cake, menus, EVERYTHING!! I am CRACKING UP at Halle Stacy Star – I swear, every time I hear that about Claire I think of Rachel’s Taca Bucca!!! OMG It cracks me UP!!!!! =) Like sassy Momma, like sassy daughter – LOVE YOU, RACHEL!!!

  2. Mojito Maven

    yes, let’s get the wedding photos started…except there were a few things wrong with this post…NOT ENOUGH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

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