Fabulosity in Progress!

The big day finally arrived! I actually slept pretty well the night before, but woke up with tons of energy! Brittany and I went to the town center to drop off a few things and I also couldn’t wait to see the ceiling treatment! WOW it was soooo awesome and the chandiliers were gorgeous! Then it was off to the salon, Dead Swanky, to get dolled up! Rachel and I made signs to hang all over the salon. There was a sign on the salon door that said “Fabulosity in Progress- The Caire/Gibson Wedding party”, we got kinda crazy with the signs! : ) Then we made a sign for each bridesmaids’ station at the salon, even Miss Sadie Jane got one : ) All the girls showed up in their robes and slippers and I had a black satin robe monogrammed with “Soon to be Mrs. Gibson” on the back and I wore the black furry heals Nicole got me! So sassy! haha. I also got Sadie a fur lined hoodie monogrammed with “Sadie Jane Gibson,” since she was officially becoming a Gibson too. (ok you stop stop laughing now haha) We had so much fun getting ready and taking lots of pictures! Samantha was our hairdresser and she did an AMAAAAZING job! I absolutely LOVED my hair, and she did an incredible job on all the bridesmaids as well! Drew’s stepmom brought us tons of food to snack on during the day and lots of champagne for mimosas! My photographer came around noon and I know she got some great pictures! Drew also sent me a dozen roses to the salon! How sweet is that! Without furter adieu, here are the TONS of pictures from that day! : )

soooo cute!

me and miss sadie

the itneraries

me and claire

brittany, kristy and nicole

me and nicole fixin our makeup

the girls outside scuffin their shoes so they wouldnt fall

fabulosity in progress

kristin and clairebear

Miss Sadie relaxin

champagne anyone?

drew’s sweet letter and flowers

my girls relaxin

me and sadie

Miss Emma walkin in someones bridesmaid shoes

me claire and emma after they gave me the cutest gift!

yep i love monogramming

samantha working her magic

The Next Post will be Pre- Ceremony Pics!!!! Stay Tuned!! : )


13 thoughts on “Fabulosity in Progress!

  1. Carolyn

    I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! What a fabulous start to your wedding day! I am going to be checking back hourly for the next round of updates (read: pictures)!!!!

  2. ~Mrs. Guru~

    I love your pictures!! Seems like you guys had a blast! I can’t remember if I told you but I left you a gift 3 posts down on my blog! Can’t wait to see more pics!!

  3. Maggie

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!! I love the monogramming; Tara, that is such an awesome idea!!! And the signs and the robes… you guys were so stylin’!!!

    Thanks for taking us through one step at a time; I don’t want to miss ONE thing!!! =)

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