Before the “I Do’s” AND Reception Pics

Here are lots of pics that various people took before the ceremony. Drew and I decided to see each other before the ceremony and what a moment that was! I will always remember the look on Drew’s face when he turned around and saw me for the first time (and I will forever have it since my photographer got it on film : )) It was such a special moment and Drew was speechless, he just had the biggest smile on his face and so did I. He kept on saying how pretty I looked and how much he loved my dress. My heart is fluttering just thinking about it again. So many people have pulled me aside and told me that they could see how much we both love each other at the ceremony because we were both glowing. My best friend told me that seeing Drew’s face at the ceremony makes her want to find what we have, and that meant so much to me for her to say that. Saying those vows were so powerful and emotional, I will NEVER forget it. Drew also gave me a letter right after the ceremony and it was the most sincere, sweetest, and incredible letter I have ever read!
brittany snapped this from her iphone

me and nicole

taking pictures outside… brooke fell down : )

the girls and my man

how cute is this! look at little claire

clarie was my helper

being silly

me and kristin

look how hot my mom is!

me and britt

After the ceremony we were off to the party! I had only seen the ceiling and a picture on a phone of the flowers so I was so excited to see the final product! Drew had not seen a thing, so he was in for a big surprise! My mom, jessica, rachel and cousin brandon were at the towncenter all day setting up. The pictures I have really do not even give the room justice! I know my photographer captured it much better and we will see those pics in a month! : ) Drew had a Gene Simmons Kiss cake and boy was it dead on! He is a big Kiss fan and has been to many concerts, so I let him have free rain with his grooms cake and thats what he picked! I do not have a picture of it yet, but I know there is one out there so I will post it as soon as I get it! Our wedding cake was made my Drew’s Aunt Kathy. BOY was it HUGE, and so good! The cake weighed around 100 pounds! She also handmade every flower on it! It was so pretty!! Also, for the first dance Drew and I wanted to make it fun and surprise everyone! So we started off with Elivs Presley’s “Cant help falling in love with you” Then after about 20 seconds it turned into Michael Jackson’s “The way you make me feel!” It was hilarious! I tried to teach Drew a few short moves but we just winged it and it was so much fun! There is a video of it and I will post it when i get it : ) My dad and I danced to Footloose, me, Rachel and Nicole grew up listening to that with our dad, and the funny thing is, is that I changed it to that song 5 min before we did our dance! It was much more appropriate after me and Drew’s dance. The flowers turned out to be INCREDIBLE, I was sooo happy with them. Northwest Arkansas Florist is the BEST! You will see in the pictures that my mom and Rachel chose to do leopard runners with gold monogramming. It was impossible to find the right color of blush pink so after a short discussion we went with leopard and it was perfect! We had a candy bar with cupcakes with gold G’s, cookies on a stick, and lots of assorted candies. We also had a pie table, which we had my grandma and Drew’s grandma make the pies for. That pie table got wiped out SO fast! Drew and I went to a Sushi place in town called Shogun for our first date so my dad got sushi from there to commemorate our first date! (Rachel made a sign with the cutest poem for that table and I know Brooke got pictures of it!) There was also Crab cake balls and spinach dip for appetizers. One of my favorite things at the wedding was the signature drinks. We had a full bar but I wanted to make up drinks that had something to do with Drew and I. Here is what Rachel and I came up with.
The Giblet- Like the traditional Gimlet

The Tara-tini- like the traditional cosmo but with a fabulous twist

The Sadie-rita- A margartia with a bite

The Crown Hog – Crown and coke (we are big razorback fans)
The princess skinny hog- Crown and diet Coke

The Claire-bear- Cherry sprite with a gummy surprise
It was funny to hear people ask one another what they were drinking and to hear them reply “The Tara-tini” haha. We also had assorted wines and beers. Needless to say the drinks were flowing! : ) My mom ordered personalized cups, candy table bags, and napkins that were adorable. She also made pillows for the two ottomans we had by the dance floor with G’s and a crown! SO cute! The dinner that was served was so good (well at least thats what I heard, I didnt have a bite of it : )) Cafe Ru Oreleans in rogers catered and Bogey, the owner, was incredible. That night would not have been possible without all his help! Drew and I did a fake leave and I made these bell wand dealies for people to shake as we left, they ended up being perfect! After the fake leave, I had a hot dog cart come out, yes a Hot Dog Cart. Rachel and I made signs for it that said “Hot Diggity Dog, Tara and Drew are finally married!” It was a huge hit, and I think Owen liked it the most! : ) He probably grabbed 10 hot dogs out of the cart. haha The reception lasted until the music stopped. My DJ tried to tell me prior to the wedding that he has never had a reception last past 1030…. well I laughed and told him this one would and It sure did! People were still dancing at 11:30! I could have not dreamed a more perefect night. The reception was just plain fabulous and I married the man of my dreams. I would do it all over again, but I am not sure my mom and sister would : ) IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! There were so many people that made this night happen, especially my dad and mom, and I will be thanking them all till the day I die!!! Here are lots of random pics of the reception, taken by lots of different people!

love how this picture captures the lighting in the room

thats our candy table signs

before we started getting down ahha

i had to lighten this one up but its still pretty

clarie was a dancing machine


drew taking off his coat : )

taken from a phone

before the lights were on, but this shows how pretty the flowers were

cutting the massive cake
sisters and claire

my dads toast

handsome boy

so precious

owen pushing the hot dog cart

before the pink lighting
Again, these pictures do not even begin to give the reception justice, but we will soon have the professional pics!

Next post is HONEYMOON PICS!!! Yippie! (Gosh I am so behind : ) )


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  1. Carolyn

    I love all of your unique ideas Tara, looks like an amazing time! I love the themed drinks, the pink lighting, the dancing…I am so happy for you guys!!!

  2. Jessica

    You are doing such a great job on all your blogs. I have a great picture of the Kiss cake. I’m meeting Rachel for lunch tomorrow to give her a CD of all my picturs from Dallas to my birthday party. I also want all your pictures from my bday party. I want to put together a scrapbook of my special day. The day that you, Rachel and Nicole made so very special for me – a day I will remember forever – THANKS!!! You should take the CD and copy the pics. You should also meet us for lunch. I can also give you your pretty green coat. If it wasn’t a x-small I would have worn it to work today!! See you soon.

  3. Megan

    You (along with your mom and sister) seriously thought of EVERYTHING! Wow! Such a beatufiul day, from the dresses, to the flowers, to the cake. just beautiful! I can’t wait to see the pro pics! They will be amazing!

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