The Gibson Honeymoon!

Finally here are the honeymoon pics! We had SUCH a great time. The first night in San Fran we ate at CHA CHA CHA. It was a really cool place, and the food was cheap and yummy! The next day we were off to NAPA! WHOO HOO! We had a private limo and toured 6 vineyards! I absolutely loved napa. It was picture perfect everywhere you looked and so quaint and quiet. I will definitely be going back! The next day we flew to MAUI!!!! When we arrived to our resort Drew and I were speechless. Talk about 5 stars! It was amazing. You really can not even begin to explain how pretty hawaii is, you just have to go (and believe me you NEED to go!) The weather was gorgeous, the air had this constant breeze, and the people were so nice. We immediately went to one of the 10 bars at our resort and had a mai tai and watched the sunset. TALK ABOUT AMAZING. We then went and ate at humu, the longest name ever! It was really good and the atmosphere was breathtaking. Day two in maui, we explored the resort and then drove to LaHaina which is on the West side of the island. It was the cutest little town and we ate at a restaurant right on the water for lunch. That night we went to another recommended spot, Roys. The time change REALLY got to me and it was almost impossible to eat dinner because even though it was only 8 in hawaii, my body was thinking it was midnight and wouldnt let me eat very much! It took me 3 days to finally get over that! haha. That night we watched the sunset on the beach! We took lots of beautiful pictures. Day 3, we drove to the north shore, because Drew wanted to try surfing. The waves on that side of the island were much more intense then where we were on the south shore. Drew ended up not getting a lesson but we went to Mama’s Fish house to have a few drinks. We had heard about this place numerous times before we left and people on the island told us it was very touristy, but it was the best food I had on the whole trip! The drinks were amazing and the food was so fresh! That night we went to the Old Lahiana Luau. It was a really great time. I still cant get over how those women move their hips like that! WOW! Day 4 we drove the Road to Hana. Its a 40-50 mile WINDY road up the west side of the island with lots of stops. It is named the most beautiful drive in america. Talk about amazing! You are actually driving thru a rain forest! The first stop we hiked up to a waterfall, then the second stop we went to “The Garden of Eden”, where they had a botanical garden, bamboo forests, and views that are hard to explain with words! They also had the bird show! haha… I will have to explain that later below with pictures! After we made it to Hana, we drove an extra 15 miles to the 7 sacred pools. It was so worth it and I think this was the highlight of Drew’s trip. That night we ate at a local sushi spot, Sansei! EVERYONE we talked to that lived on the island recommended this place and it definitely lived up to the hype! The last day we got some rainy weather, so snorkeling, surfing and ziplining were out of the question, which kinda bummed out drew, but he ended up driving to the north shore to watch the BIG TIME surfers surf while I went shopping. We ended our incredible trip by going back to Mama’s to eat dinner. We had this fish called opakapaka, which was banned for 6 months, and it was the best way to end this trip. Also, the bartender we made friends with the first time we went to Mama’s brought us out a free dessert that was called the Black Pearl! Drew and I will definitely be going back and we hope to make it back right before we have kids. Hawaii is A M A Z I N G! If you ever get the chance to go, GO! Here are TONS of pics! : )

at cha cha cha

the sangria was awesome!

about to go on our tour!

gotta hydrate for the day : )

look at those vines!

first stop!

this is what they used to use to plant the grapes!

so cool!

plump jack! – funny story, they gave me a “favor” when we left and i thought they were matches… haha no they were not, i will let you guess what it was

my fav so far!

at stags leap! drews fav

one of my favorite pics from the trip : )

at lunch where i had the

enjoying the view!

GOSH look at that background!

we were so blessed with great weather!

arriving at MAUI!

the view from our room!

WE’RE finally here!




so happy to be here!

first night dinner

drew being silly

our resort looked unreal!

beach pics!

the 20 min we actually sat down haha

our resort behind us

the rainbow in lahaina

west shore


cool picture!


second night dinner!

my breakfast : )

mama’s fish house

at the luau

yes thats drew : ) – first stop on road to hana

opening scene spot in jurassic park!

bamboo alley!

the bird show- ok here is the story. We were told at noon there is a bird show. We think, cool lets go see some awesome birds. Well we didnt know we would be part of the show! We walk up and the guys starts telling us its 20 bucks for him to take pictures with our camera with the birds. We think..ummok. Well he grabs me first and starts swinging these birds and placing them ALL over me. My shoulders, my arms my HEAD,and in my hands.. im freaking out. squeeling, giggling and i didnt know it at the time but the birds were POSING! They even had the same head tilt i do! haha. Well Drew went second and his picture turned out the best.

crazy huh!

we stopped at a state park and saw this fella!- a mongoose!

lava rock! so cool

95ft waterfall

yeah this scared me JUST A LITTLE BIT!

7 sacred pools

going to dinner!

the last night

the black pearl dessert

I really cannot believe all the wedding stuff is done! My life was consumed with it and now its done! I am relieved and sad at the same time haha. It is nice though to have the holidays to keep me busy once again! I want to thank you all again for the sweet comments you have been leaving. They really do make my day brighter and I am so thankful to have met all of you on here! There will be a few more wedding posts in the future when I get my pro pics back in a month! Stay tuned for the next post from my fabulous friend’s 30th birthday this past weekend!!!


19 thoughts on “The Gibson Honeymoon!

  1. Lindsey

    WOW! The pictures are amazing! Looks like you had a fabulous time on your honeymoon. You guys look so great together!

    We went to Kauai for our honeymoon and it was so amazing, now it looks like we need to go to Maui!

  2. Lori

    I saw the pictures you posted earlier today and your wedding looked amazing! Everything was gorgeous! I do have to ask this – the resort you stayed at in maui – was it the Grand Walilea (not sure about spelling)? I have been to Maui several times and I think I recognize the hotel. The lobby is incredible!
    Anyway, congratulations on your wedding!

  3. Maggie

    Tara those are the best pictures I have ever seen!! Man, Jeramy and I SO need to go to Hawaii – I am seriously in total envy right now!! Those pictures are amazing – I LOVE the bird shots. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Jeramy would have LOVED that!!!

    You are gorgeous as always, and you guys got some great ‘unique’ snapshots like the writing in the sand w/ your shadows and your ring/hand pic, you will treasure those pictures forever and ever. Just beautiful, Tara!!

    Thank you so much for sharing. I bet this post took hours to do, so THANK YOU!!! =)

  4. Carolyn

    Ok, there is so much to comment on here.
    1) You and Drew look so damn happy, I love it and I LOVE the kissing picture you said was your favorite. it’s great.
    2) You both look great in swimsuits!!
    3) The dinner dresses were FAB…great packing for the honeymoon.
    4) They were not matches huh?? Hmmm wonder what they were… 😉
    5) My sister and brother in law did the posing with the parrots picture too and it is so cute!
    what else…well now I forget what else was on the post…but I loved it all!
    FUN TRIP!!!!

  5. Megan

    Such fun pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast! Can you believe you are married now?? Yay!!! What a great trip to celebrate your new marriage!

  6. the future mrs Hinz

    OMG everything sounded amazing!!! matt and i are scared to book anything during october for our honeymoon bc of hurricane season…hawaii is starting to sound better and better. even more fantastic after reading this and seeing your pics!!

    glad you had a great time 🙂

  7. THE Stephanie

    Found your blog from Megan… the pics are absolutely gorgeous! Y’all are such a cute couple! Looks like you had a fabulous time – congrats on your wedding!

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