Sneak Peak from my photographer!

My photographer is getting together some pictures for us to send to a few magazines and she let me take a peak at a few : ) Here they are! SOOO much more to come in a month!

i squeeled when i saw this one : )

love this one

the lights were not dimmed yet in this pic

the pie table

the girls at the salon

my man : )

the boys


18 thoughts on “Sneak Peak from my photographer!

  1. Maggie

    Oh wow, Tara, GREAT shots!! I LOVE the group shots and that one where you squealed!! LOL I would have sqealed too, OMG it’s like not even real it’s so beautiful.

    How on earth are you going to decide which ones to enlarge for your house?! LOL

    Can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Lane

    OH MY WORD!!! I love all of those! I absolutely love the first and second one! I hope you get in a magazine…girl those pictures deserve it! 🙂 Gorgeous!!

  3. Shana

    Hi there! I found your blog through another one I check regularly. Just wanted to say your wedding was gorgeous, and you have fabulous style!

    You should post more about your outfits 🙂

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