Finally Caught Up…… kind of : )

Finally got all the wedding posts done, now its time to catch up on you guys! I want to apologize for getting so behind! I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving! I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! Here are some pics from thanksgiving, Claire’s 5th birthday and Jessica’s 30th Birthday! (I guess I am not caught up afterall ; ) )

thanksgiving at aunts!

Claire’s 5th Birthday Bowling Luau!

What a fabulous birthday party Rachel threw for Claire. Go to her blog and check out lots more pics! She went all out! The best part about it was that Claire was on Cloud 9 the ENTIRE day. She looked like the happiest little girl in the world. We also went to Red Robin that night for her birthday dinner. She is such a special girl, and Drew and I love her SO much!
Claire- I CANNOT believe your already 5, can you please stop growing up? : ) You are the sweetest, most intelligent little girl I have ever met! You are my little buddy and you will be the best cousin to my kids in the future! I love you so much!- Aunt T

Here is a funny little story about Claire. The day we got back from our honeymoon and went to pick up Sadie from Rachel’s, Claire asked if she could tell me a secret. So she came over and whispered this- “Tara, You and Drew can have babies now that your married.”

Silly Claire : )

the shirt I got o for his bday this year : )

my pretty sisters and I

Claire’s reactions to all the presents were priceless! This is her opening Sadie’s gift to her- Pjs!

love this girl so much


playing with claire’s guitar from nonnie and pappy

haha- Claire’s reacton after we told her next birthday wasnt for another 365 more days : )


me and claire doing our funny faces

claire in her pjs sadie got her!

Jessica had her birthday at A Loft in Rogers and rented out the suite. It was such a great time! We came early and decorated a table for her and everyone got ready together. Then we all went to Bonefish for dinner and hung out at the WXYZ bar until midnight. We all love Jessica so much!
Jess- Hope this was the best birthday EVER! You helped out so much with the wedding and it would not have been possible without you!! Love you!

fabulous sister by the oh so fabulous table!

love miss sadie jane!

birthday girl with her buzz

her reaction to the juicy couture suit we got her!

best friends!

ready to paaartay : )

me and the birthday girl

awe rachel and shane

HAHAHAHAHA (doing the Wii game dances: ) )

at bonefish

shane and mom

do something silly haha

me and my mama

uh oh… dance party time

i wonder how many pictures i have of me and sadie???!?!?

all the girls 🙂

rachel and mom

drew and darrick

Mr and Mrs : )


cutting the cake!
Next post I am going to post pictures of my christmas decor! YEA! I have three trees this year and I love them all!

18 thoughts on “Finally Caught Up…… kind of : )

  1. Sarah

    Sadie is just precious!! I have two little nieces that I absolutely adore too!!!

    You’re wedding and honeymoon pics were fabulous!!!! : )

    Have a great day!

  2. Rachel

    Great pictures!! Your note to Claire was tooooo sweet!! She loves you too!

    Thanks for not putting the incriminating pics out here =)!

  3. Think Classy.

    I have just spent the past 15 minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all of your photos. You are so so so beautiful!! Your wedding looked like a dream!!!

    AND I LOVE your black lace dress in the birthday photos, where it it from? It’s so Keri Russel, I adore it.

    Congratulations again!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Maggie

    All those pictures are just so great – you guys have such a great time… it’s so fun re-living all your par-tay moments via your blog!! ha ha Keep up the great posts… LOVE LOVE LOVE them ALL!!

    PS WAY TO GO on jumpin’ on that Christmas tree band wagon!! You know it was just a matter of time w/ your mom and sis!! Ha ha Your trees are beautiful!!! =)

  5. Jessica

    All the birthday pictures look great. I had a blast at all of them. I went to fast lanes today for lunch with work and scored a 147 – my highest score yet!! I’ll be out shopping tomorrow for Christmas – give me a call maybe we can do lunch? Haven’t seen y’all is week – miss ya!!!

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