Gamblin Gibson

So I am off to tunica! My dad invited me to go with him and my step mom. Drew couldn’t go because he had to work. I guess this is a perk for working for my dad! 🙂 I am not much of a gambler, but I do like playing craps. I went to vegas with my dad in January and he showed me the ropes of the game! I ended up having beginners luck and winning around 1000! I hope that luck continues this weekend! I will be gone from the blogger world for a couple days, so I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Also today is my brother in laws birthday!!!
Shane- I hope you have a great birthday! Your like a big brother to me! I love how you understand the crazyness of us girls and how you and Rachel are such great role models for Drew and I!!! Happy Birthday!!!!


7 thoughts on “Gamblin Gibson

  1. Lori

    my favorite casinos are horsehoe and goldstrike. They are right next to each other so you can just walk outside for 30 seconds to the next one!

  2. Mrs. Nurse

    I am just now getting around to catching up on blogs! I love the matching pj's. I hope you two have a wonderful "first" christmas as Mr & Mrs. I can't wait for mine!! Good luck in Tunica! Hope you bring home some $$. I also went back to private. If you wanna read, send me a message at

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