Our Christmas Trees have feelings…..

So I am looking at my calender and I cant help but be SUPER excited for the next couple of weeks! My sister, my mom and I nailed down all the dates for our “Christmas activities” and we seem to add a few more each year (how that’s possible, i dod’t know haha). We even had one open day and we sat there and tried to think of “something” to plan. We are nuts, i know! : ) What I am most excited about this year is that this is the first Christmas where Drew and I are husband and wife! It makes me all giddy to even think about it! The holiday season really makes me see how blessed I am to have such an amazing man, family and fabulous friends in my life. Last night Drew and I were talking about Christmas trees…again. I didn’t realize Drew felt sorry for our tree…. here is how the convo went.

Mrs. Gibby: Thanks for plugging in all the Christmas trees.

Mr. Gibby: Your welcome, I am starting to like them. I am not used to all those ornaments.

Mrs. Gibby: What do you mean.

Mr. Gibby: I am used to a more traditional tree…. Then will a concerned/puzzled look on his face he said …Is that tree real (pointing to the big tree)

Mrs. Gibby: No, why?

Mr. Gibby: Well if it was real I would feel sorry for it…. if it was real it would say “Get all these ornaments off me so I can breath”

Oh the things Drew comes up with : )

Here are a few pictures from last year’s Christmas!

our annual baking day!

Rachel got us matching aprons

at the square

I got me and my sisters matching pjs!

14 more shopping days left!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Our Christmas Trees have feelings…..

  1. Rachel

    Drew cracks me up!! I think all of our trees think they look FAB!! That picture of Claire is hilarious, covered in flour!! Can’t wait for the pictures this year!!

    TARA – TAKE OFF THE WORD VERIFICATION THING!! I hate it…it is soooo September 08 =).

  2. AmyT

    you and your family are just too cute – I love a close family! My sister and I are as well…she’s my best friend – loves it.

  3. Brown Eyed Girl

    Ha he’s funny!!

    That’s such a fun idea to have get togethers with your sisters and mom. Next weekend all the girls in the fam are getting together to make/decorate Christmas cookies. They’re my dads favorites so he’s so excited!!

  4. the future mrs Hinz

    my mom and i are JUST like that – we have to have something planned every minute of every day that matt, tico and i come to visit! we are busy bodies – its what we do – its in our blodd 🙂

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