I’ve been really good this year! :)

So Mr. Gibby and I decided not to do a big Christmas this year.. because of the wedding. So maybe the jolly man in red will stop by and drop off one of these items…. : ) someday I WILL have one of these 🙂

yep i want a BIG gold watch.

you cant have too many juicy suits : )

I LOVE taking pictures and really want a new camera

OH to dream…..

Sadie Has a small wish list too…

blinged out collar 🙂

she wants to match her mama
Oh Miss Sadie Jane… how your Mama loves to spoil you : )


9 thoughts on “I’ve been really good this year! :)

  1. Think Classy.

    AHH! I LOVE that you want a huge big gold watch too, there is something about an over the top watch that I just love. And *sigh* that Chanel bag, check yes! I love it! Happy Holidays to you!

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