Gibson Family’s First Christmas!

Merry(late)Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas Holiday! As usual, we were a busy group this Christmas! Let’s start with the Christmas Baking day! Every year me, my sisters, Claire and my mom get together and bake tons of Christmas Candy! This year we each got to make our own Gingerbread women! I think you will be able to tell which one is mine : ) We made Christmas cookies in the shapes of high heels and crowns, haha only us, pretzel rods, fudge, ritz cookie deals(thanks Maggie), and puppy chow. Needless to say we were all on sugar highs! : ) I took lots of pics with my new camera that I am still trying to figure out. Last year I started getting us girls matching shirts to wear for this day, and it was impossible to find shirts this year so I got matching vests… haha! I thought I looked like a lumberjack in mine.. hahaha. But we matched! : )

SUPER cute pic of these three

taste testing

me and sadie jane

isnt winston the CUTESET

best buds

so sweet

always goofing around

i love how we are posing the same : )

my mom and her “grandchildren”

playing with my camera


thats better

high heel and crown cookies of course : )

can you guess which one is mine : )
(the far right one)

Christmas Eve is when we celebrate my Mom’s side of the family. Everyone brings yummy food and we open presents. My uncle Kurt always gets all the kids hyped up and screaming, its really funny to watch. We did a dirty santa game this year and somehow I ended up with Rachel’s gift and she got mine… or maybe we did that on purpose : )

me and my cousin
sadie jane

me and sadie had matching feathers : )

Christmas Morning we go to my mom’s house to open gifts and eat Christmas breakfast. That night is when Drew and I go to Nonnie’s house(Drew’s Grandma) for Christmas. This year I got Drew’s grandma stockings with her name and her dogs name monogrammed on them. She LOVED them! It makes me so happy to see Nonnie that excited. I also got her ornaments with Drew’s dad and Drew’s Grandpa’s pictures in them. Drew’s dad and grandfather passed away almost 4 yeras ago. Nonnie has a very traditional Christmas tree where each ornament means something to her and I know these ornaments will be dear to her heart forever.

Christmas night Drew and I relaxed at home and opened our stockings. Drew got me a Patagonia pullover and jacket for Christmas. Drew’s had this one pullover that I wore a few times and it has disappeared. He swears I lost it or left it somewhere.. haha..I ended up telling him I sold it on ebay haha.(not really) But he got me one for Christmas so I will leave his alone : ) I got Drew a North Face Jacket. Sadie Jane’ stocking was STUFFED full of goodies… a candy cane raw hide, two sweaters, a pink pearl necklace, and her favorite treats.

This morning I woke up thinking it was Thursday, haha, and then looked at my 3 Christmas trees and sighed…. its going to take me awhile to get those things down : )

worn out sadie in her new sweater.. I think she shares in my enthusiasim of taking down those trees : )

PS. I have seen 150 more of our wedding pictures! AND OH MY GOSH, they are absolutely wonderful. I CANT WAIT, to share them with you guys! I am supposed to get the CD today with all 600 Images! I have NO idea how i am going to choose the ones I want blown up! I think my next post of the pictures will be the longest post in history! : )
Again, I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas!!


11 thoughts on “Gibson Family’s First Christmas!

  1. Kristy

    How fun!! The picture of you and Drew holding hands is so precious. Today at the 50% sale I bought a tree for the girls playroom for next year. You and Rachel are my Christmas tree role models. Ha ha.

  2. jlc

    I love love love your pooches Christmas outfits!!! Simply a-dorable. Also, I’m totally stealing your high heel cookie idea. 🙂

  3. Maggie

    LOL I’m so glad you guys were able to try out the Ritz recipe!! They are sooooo good. They are Josh’s favorite and he forces me to make them every year! ha ha

    I love all the pictures – what great family times!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of your wedding pictures!!! =)

    Glad you guys had a wonderful first Christmas together!!

  4. Mine All Mine

    Your Christmas sounded like great fun, and the same thought regarding taking down christmas decorations crossed my mind today.
    I love the gingerbread woman.

    I can’t wait to see wedding pictures.


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