My Mom- The Christmas Decorating Queen!

A while back I did a post on my christmas trees. Well I mentioned that my mother was very talented when it comes to deocrating and espeically for Christmas! So for a special Christmas Eve Post, she let me take pictures of her fabulous trees for my blog!

the traditional tree with all our ornaments when we were kids

jace’s tree

Nicole’s room tree

dining room table

kitchen tree

master bath tree

master bedroom tree

Living room tree

Hope everyone has a safe and funfilled Christmas Holiday!

Merry Christmas from the Gibsons! : )


10 thoughts on “My Mom- The Christmas Decorating Queen!

  1. Carolyn

    You know, I relaly want to comment on how great all those trees look…but for some reason the first thing I think about is, “where in the heck does she store all these decorations for 11 months??!!”

    Crazy pretty trees. Merry Christmas to your whole family!!

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