Jingle Bell Rockin

Boy has this been a funfilled, busy week! Monday night was our Chrsitmas with our dad and we all went out to eat. My dad got me and Drew a new dining room table and gorgeous zebra chairs! I love them! Drew is not as fond of the chairs as I am but, does his opinion really matter. : )

Tuesday night me and my sisters, my mom and our best friend Jessica got together for our Christmas Sushi/Wine dinner. We all brought an accessory and drew names. Me, Nicole, Mom, and Jessica all opened our gorgeous accessories and were so excited and then Rachel opened hers. Rachel drew Jessica’s name and Jessica pulled a prank on Rachel. When Rachel opened her gift she found a santa bell necklace and Santa earrings! : ) Rachel immediately yelled “You screwed me!” It was so hilarious, then Jessica pulled out the real gift. After sushi we all went to Ruth Chris to have dessert and our favorite drink, a strawberry lemonade martini….SO yummy! We talked about our men and laughed all night and had an absolute fabulous night!

nicole modeling her new coat
before dinner

me and nikki

Rachel opening her “gag” gift
jessica with her fabulous hat and headband from nicole
mom opening her gorgeous ring from Rachel
Nicole about to open the pretty scarf and pearl necklace from me
Rachel and her real gift : )

me and my beautiful bracelts from mymom

mom and jessica

rachel and nicole

rachel and mom

the girls at ruth chris

Wednesday was my little sister’s birthday! It is also my grandma’s birthday. No matter what age, we ALWAYS have a family birthday party for each memeber of my mom’s side of the family. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to my sister! : ) That night we played rock band and balderdash at Rachels. Be sure to check Rachels blog next week for some pretty hilarious pics! Here is a sneak peak though : )

Our Rock band is the “sistas” Rachel on the mic, Nicole on the guitar and me on the drums! : )
Last night was Kitchen Queens and I made some very yummy oreo truffles! I tweaked the recipe a tad and used the Candy Cane Oreos since i am a lover of peppermint : ) Here is the recipe.
1 pkg of oreos
1 pkg of Milk Chocolate morsals
1 pkg of white chocolate
1 80z pkg of cream cheese
1/4 tsp of vanilla
Using a food proccesor, crush the oreos. Mix the cream cheese and oreos till blended throughly. Add the vanilla and blend. Roll the cream cheese/oreo mixture into approx 40 balls and place on sheet of wax paper. Refrigerate for 45 min. Melt the milk chocolate and roll the balls in the chocolate and place back on the wax paper. (use a slotted spoon) After all the balls are coated in milk chocolate, melt the white chocolate and drizzle across all the truffles. Refrigerate for 45 min and serve! : )
Here are a few pics from Kitchen Queens! : )

Tonight the fam is going out to eat and then to the Square to see the lights! Then Saturday is the girls dinner me and my best friend Kristin are hosting at Bordinos! The Christmas Vixens dinner! I cant wait! : ) Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!!!!!!!

PS. I am getting 150 more wedding pics from my photographer on Sunday! YIPPIE! Then I am getting ALL the pics next week! I am sooooo excited! : )


13 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Rockin

  1. Think Classy.

    I love how you take so many pictures, I need to start doing that, goodness!

    And your hair (and your mothers hair) always looks so amazing! Do you use irons or rollers or just genetics? Haha

    Looks like you’re having a fabulous Christmas season!

  2. Megan

    You girls always have so much fun together!!! You are lucky to have such a close family! An accessory party is such a great idea! I will have to remember that for next year. Love Oreo Truffles I just haven’t been brave enough to try them! As always a great post, love the pics. One question: Why do you all have amazing hair?!?!? 🙂

  3. Maggie

    Looks like a great time as always!!! I absolutely love the picture of Sadie under the Christmas tree; what an absolute little doll she is!!! =)

  4. AmyT

    what a fun evening!! you ladies seem like you are so much fun to hang out with!!! I always love looking at your pics!! btw…love some rock band!!

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