Wedding Party Professional Pics!

These are some of my favorite pics from the big day. My photographer thinks outside the box and takes pictures from such cool angles. She is such a talent! Drew and I have such amazing friends in our lives. My girls were so helpful and great during the wedding day. Not to mention they all looked absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them all so very much and I cant’t wait to plan their weddings one day. : ) The pictures of the flower girls below are the most ADORABLE pictures I have EVER seen. It would be impossible to take bad pictures of Claire and Emma, but these pictures are breathtaking! Owen was napping during the first round of wedding party pics so you will have to wait and see the little man in the next post…. talk about a little looker! simply handsome! (Rachel you have the best gene pool EVER!) But check Rachel’s blog later this week for even more pictures of her BEAUTIFUL kids from the wedding : )

drew and his best man

handsome boys

going to meet the boys

I think I laughed and smiled more that day then any day in my life : )

here starts the preciousness!

the girls wearing their fur caplets i got them

simply gorgeous!

this one is def a framer : )

looks like a fairy tale!

my girls with my man

I wanted it to be cold.. and it was FREEZING!

silly boys

awesome pic

yippie! : )

The next post will be pictures of Drew and I when we first saw each other, the family church pictures and the wedding party recreating the ceremony (the church would not allow any photography during the actual ceremony)

12 thoughts on “Wedding Party Professional Pics!

  1. Maggie

    Those are awesome, Tara!! Why did the church now allow for pictures during the ceremony? That’s crazy! At least you were able to re-create it later and have pictures to remember every detail by!! =)

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    While looking at these pics, I was trying to pic out which one I was going to say was my favorite. There just aren’t words to explain how incredible ALL of your pictures turned out! These are simply fairytalaboulistic. Yes, that is my word for your wedding, “Fairytalaboulistic”.

  3. jlc


    I love that you chose black as your bridesmaid’s colors. I did too and everyone at first GASPed at the idea, and it turned out to be so classy and gorgeous.

    Your wedding is no exception to that. 😉

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