Big 2008…. Bring on 2009!

Hello! I am going to take a break from the wedding pics and post about new years!

First, I Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years. Drew and I talked about what a great year we had in 2008. It honestly was one of the best years of our lives! We got married and we went on our dream vacation. Also, there are so many things I learned throughout 2008….

-What a great man I have in my life and how lucky I am to have him.-Which friends are “true friends” and how much I truly appreciate them more.

-and as always.. What an AWESOME family I am blessed with.
If 2009 is half as good as 2008 I will be happy! : ) Drew and I didnt really make resolutions, but I hope to get our first home very soon and try not to spend so much on “retail” as drew calls it…. we will see ; )
New years eve Drew came down with a bad icky sinus infection. So we decided to go out to eat to one of our favorite Italian restaurants with some of our friends and then we came out to my sisters house for a new years eve party! Drew felt horrible, he has the worst luck, but we had a great time at dinner and at Rachels. We also got to pop one of our Dom Champagnebottles! good stuff! I went shopping for a new years dress pretty early, even though I didnt really need another dress, and I ended up buying three! haha. I ended up finding a dress on new years eve that had a removable tulle skirt.. how cool is that! So Carrie Bradshaw! : )

New Years day we went over to the Bradley’s house for a get together! It was so much fun! They cooked up a yummy Neiman Marcus ham (goes to show anything from that store is fabulous) and lots of sides. We all ate and sipped on wine all night! It is so crazy how much the get togethers at their house has changed because everyone now has kids! They have two precious girls themselves. It DEFINITELY gave me baby fever! : ) Maybe in 2010 Drew and I will become parents! cross your fingers : )
me and crystal at dinner
me and the hubs

the family
sadie jane and me

dom anyone : ) us girls at the br

I will be posting the rest of the professional wedding pics by monday! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!! XOXO


11 thoughts on “Big 2008…. Bring on 2009!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    “not to spend so much on “retail””
    I hope so for Drew’s sake, but come on Tara. Even though your last name is now Gibson, you will always have Caire blood in you.
    Haha! I’m just giving you a hard time. I hope Drew is feeling better. Poor guy. Regardless, you both looked fabulous NYE. I’m glad you guys came over to Rachel and Shane’s! We had so much fun over there.

  2. Maggie

    Happy New Year, Tara!!!

    Why wait until 2010?! You and Rachel could start trying together and be pregnant at the SAME time – Now come on… HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!?!?! =)

  3. Jessica

    New Year’s was fun!! We need to get together soon. Haven’t seen y’all since then. I hope your new years resoloution comes true – buying your first home is so exciting.

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