And then there were 12 and another fun shopping trip with Aunt T!

Last night I went over to my sisters to watch the Bachelor with our best friend Jessica and Claire bear. My three girls are still in the running, and they got their roses before the ceremony. Jason doesn’t have a poker face and you can tell EXACTLY what he is feeling right across is face… like when Raquel was waiting for him in the limo.. yeah he was a little disturbed by that one and her Rose fate was sealed. I found it pretty amusing when they had the pool party, and while Jason took his shirt off they played the Final Rose Ceremony music.. haha so corny! What is even more funny, Claire asked us “Why is THIS guy the Bachelor?” haha. oh my! So Miss Nuttymcnutterson (aka Shannon) is still around, hmmm maybe Jason is scared of her??!?! who knows? Next week Natalie gets the “Cinderella Date” how appropriate! Not a fan of hers but i did love her Fur lined dress she had on last night! : ) I am sure we will see more Drama for Megan and Erika, more ice being thrown by Miss Nutty(so weird), and the most DRAMATIC rose ceremony YET! haha.. cant wait!

Before we watched the Bachelor, Claire went shopping with me for Masquerade Masks. I am throwing one of my best friend’s birthday party this coming Saturday and I went with a Masquerade theme! I am having so much fun getting decor for it! I am all about Feathers and sparkles! Claire and I had a blast trying on the different masks.. she even talked me into buying her one.. haha.. it didn’t take much talking : ) Here are some silly pics we took.

Claire loved these masks

Have a fabulous day!!!! xoxo


27 thoughts on “And then there were 12 and another fun shopping trip with Aunt T!

  1. Mojito Maven

    1. these masks are FANTASTIC!!!!!! seriously..
    2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the maxi dress recommendations…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones you posted!! See, I told you you need to come to Dallas and help me shop!!!

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    These are so cute of you two. I hope you bought her the mask with the kissing lips. She looks so darn cute holding that big ol mask up to her little bitty head. Haha!

    The more you talk about the bachelor, the more you make me think I have to start watching it. I wouldn’t give a rats as$ about it if it wasn’t for your enthusiasm about it. You make it sound so interesting. Haha!

  3. Mojito Maven

    oh and P.S. I know Melissa on the current season of the Bachelor! AND, another confession, I have never ever watched a single season of this show! I think i might need to…

  4. Chic Runner

    Wow, those masks are pretty crazy! 🙂 Glad Claire loves you so much! Seriously, the Bachelor is REDICULOUS. Jason, Jason, Jason. I’m not the biggest fan!

  5. Maggie

    LOL Very cute pictures of you and Claire – those masks are AWESOME!!!

    Loved the Bachelor recap… I haven’t watched it. I like to record it and then watch it later so I can fast forward through all the commericals!! ha ha

    Yes, I can’t wait for the most DRAMATIC Rose Ceremony yet!!! ha ha, they say that EVERY time!!

  6. Victoria

    Hi! I came across your blog yesterday and decided to drop a line 🙂 I haven’t watched the Bachelor this season but from all the blogs I have been reading it seems like a great season!


  7. morewineplease

    I totally agree… and I think next week is going to be full of drama with those 2 still on – CAT FIGHT!!! I cannot wait for next week.

    Those masks are the cutest things EVER!

  8. Maggie

    OK, I got all caught up last night… OMG What does he see in Ms. Nutt?! What a weird-o!! LOL I don’t see Natalie lasting too much longer… she’s just not his type. Cute, but too Paris Hiltonish for him. ha ha

  9. Jessica

    I love the masks, especially the one with the cute little pink lips. It looked so cute on Claire. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mexican wedding cake – CHA CHA CHA!!!!! Thanks for getting it, it was YUMMY!!!!!

  10. Sarah

    You are so right about the bachelor… he seriously can’t hide a single expression. How funny!! I am totally addicted! Have a good weekend!

  11. Lane

    How cute are those pictures!!

    I don’t know why I am addicted to the Bachelor, but I am! Shannon is a little coo-koo!! 🙂

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