Girls Night Out and NEW Wheels!

Hey hey everyone! I hope yall had a great weekend! My weekend was full of fun! Friday night my best friend from little rock, Brittany, came in town with her coworker and friend, Lauren to do some interior design work for their company and they both stayed with me for the night. Kristin and Kristy also joined us! Everyone got ready at my place. We started out at La huerta where we put down a couple pitchers of margaritas and some yummy mexican food. Then we went to two of our favorite bars in town, Theos and Fix. We had a BLAST. Laughing and dancing all night. On the way home we stopped by a gas station by my house for some munchies, I decided to grab one of each of every kind of chip in the store haha.. nice! I miss Britt so much and love it when she comes in town! She is my partner in crime! : ) Here are lots of pics from the crazy fun night!

we are ALWAYS takin silly pics

the girls gettin ready

B and Kristin

me and B

bein silly again

la huerta!

nice : )


awww haha

Me and Kristy

told ya we are silly

the girls!

at fix after dancing

goin home!

Saturday night Drew and I went to dinner to celebrate Allison’s birthday! She is such a doll and a fabulous hair stylist! We had tons of fun!

The Cole’s and The Gibsons

Then Sunday Drew and I drove to Joplin to go get his new CAR!! Drew has had the same white acura for YEARS and it has been a ticking time bomb for the past 4 years. It has a blown head gasket, not sure what that is but I know its bad, and I have been trying to get him to get a new car for awhile. Well the white acura, i like to call it the energizer acura, finally when kuput and he bit the bullet and bought a new car. He has been car shopping for the past 3 years so he already knew what he want and found it fairly fast. I havent gotten any pics of it yet, but ya know I will : ) Also my little sister goes to school in Joplin so I finally got to go see her cute apartment! Her puppy Winston loves to play with my Sadie. At one point we couldnt find them and then we heard Winston let out a sigh and they were both under the couch! So i just HAD to snap a picture…

too cute huh!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Monday! : )


19 thoughts on “Girls Night Out and NEW Wheels!

  1. Lane

    Looks like you had so much fun! Isn’t it such a good feeling to get together with your best friend again!
    I love that picture of the dogs…so cute!! 🙂

  2. Brooke Bertalan

    How sweet are those puppies!!! They just look like brother and sister. Too cute!
    You girls look like you had a great time with Brittany in town. How fun! I can’t wait to see what Drew got for his new car.

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