The last of them!

Today is FIVE years since Drew and I went on our first date! I remember EVERYTHING about that night. What he wore, what I wore, how he acted, EVERYTHING! 🙂 still have the same butterflies!llll

HERE ARE THE REST OF THE PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PICS! Thank you guys so much for the sweet comments! Brooke Robinson captured our special day in such an awesome way and I am so glad to have all these pics to look back upon for years to come! Start off with the traditional family pics in the church.

Here are the pics of us girls at the salon! I LOOOOVE these pics!

Here are the pics Brooke took at the rehearsal dinner! Drew’s mom and stepdad did an amazig job! it was so warm and cozy and beautiful!

I am so glad I got to share this whole process with all of you! Blogging was the best stress reliever and all of you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you again for all the great comments! All of them brightened my days!


17 thoughts on “The last of them!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love looking at your pictures.
    I really like the one of you and your mom at the church. That’s a really good one. The rest are really good too though. I can’t get over how gorgeous your hair was at the wedding. I love that style!

  2. LyndsAU

    You look beautiful!! These pictures are some of my favorites. I love the ones of you and your girls and of course I love the Choos 🙂

  3. Bethany

    I love all these pictures, but may faves are of Sadie's shirt and your nephew's shirt…Bling Bearer! That's helarious!!

    And by the way, Lexi was listening to Kellie Pickler in her room last night and when I heard this song it reminded me of you. You shoudl have it played at your funeral. 🙂

  4. Megan

    I LOVE them all. So beautiful! You had a great photographer!! So you may have said this before, but I’m just curious how did you and Drew meet?

  5. Rachel

    I know I have been a terrible sister and not been commenting, but you know I love all these pictures and think the wedding was the most fabulous one EVER!!

    My favorites are the reception and of course at the salon!

    Funeral Comment?????

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