Our trip to the Outback!

SOooooo.. last night Rachel, Claire, O and I decided to go have some Outback. We thought it would be a normal dinner night out, but boy were we wrong! haha. Outback has always been one of my favorite chain restaurants, probably because of their yummy coconut shrimp. We walk in and ask for a booth, and they try to sit us in the bar area… umm I dont think so haha. Well we finally sit down and the kids are I starving. Not to mention my sister is PREGNANT(SO Excited) so she is hungry as well. The waitress comes over and says hello and asks the kids if they want a ladybug kiss….. HUH? Well I guess thats the new term for a ladybug sticker? Hmm? odd maybe, but the kids liked them, well Owen ripped his off his hand and threw it on the floor…boys! haha. Well I order a glass of pinot noir and everyone else orders soft drinks. A few minutes later everyone gets their drinks and the waitress tells me my wine will be over soon. Then she leaves to go take another tables order. Ten minutes later she takes our order… Cheese fries, Coconut Shrimp (so healthy i know), Two salads and the kids want Chicken Tenders. The waitress leaves and then returns 5 minutes later and asks me if the wine I ordered was red or white… oh my, so I tell her red and point out the name of it on the menu… mind that its been now 20 minutes since I ordered the glass of wine.. This meal is going GREAT! : ) So we sit there… 3 loaves of bread later.. and we dont get our salads.. and Claire is even asking “Are you going to get your wine Tara?” haha.. Well I finally do and I ask if we are going to get our salads before or with our meal, she then says ohh they should come before and RUNS to the back. THEN she brings out one salad to me…. Rachel and I laugh, and we ask for our other salad. I get the salad the pregnant lady doesn’t. Nice… So then our food comes out… well not all of it.. The kids Chicken tenders were not ordered. So again we ask the waitress for the kids chicken. While we wait, Owen is eating every piece of bacon off the cheese fries, Claire is eating all my croutons off my salad and Rachel and I are laughing. Well it gets better! The manager brings out what is supposed to be the kids chicken tenders…. as she walks up I see it and I think its a crab cake! lol, no its actually a small piece of Grilled Chicken..WHAT?!? So I say “Seriously!?” Rachel tells the manager lady that we ordered chicken tenders. At this point we cant help but laugh! The kids finally get their chicken tenders and the manager ends up taking care of our bill, except for the wine. That glass of wine was WELL worth it! Then our waitress comes back and apologizes, and then offers the kids another ladybug kiss…perfect ending : ) G’day Mate ; )

one of my blogs wouldnt be complete without a picture.. so of course I had to document this night! : )
On another note… THE HOGS BEAT TEXAS LAST NIGHT! whooo hoooo! I am not as big of a basketball fan as I am football, but boy do I like seeing my hogs playing like they did in ’94! They are such an exciting team to watch and I am ready for the pole voters to start giving us some respect! We have been two top 10 teams in the past two weeks! Its time to see those Hogs on that pole people! : ) Woooo Pig!


15 thoughts on “Our trip to the Outback!

  1. Sarah

    oh my goodness, ya’ll are saints!! I don’t think I could have waited through all of that! But what can you do but laugh at that point!!! : )

  2. The Heckathorns

    OMG! The Hogs played AWESOME last night!!!! I hope that we have another 94 year this year! (whatever happened to Corliss Williamson? LOL!)

    Congrats on being an aunt all over again! I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait at Outback like you guys did…especially pregnant! Rachel is a saint! LOL!

  3. A Balancing Act in Heels

    I’m usually pretty patient with restaurant service…but Mr. Balancing is another story. His biggest pet peeve is bad waiting and he would have went to go pour his own wine and make his own salad in the restaurant kitchen if he didn’t get it after 10 minutes!

  4. Maggie

    Ahahahahaha!!! That sounds like one of me and Becky’s nights out with the kids!!! Except, the drama comes from OUR KIDS not the waitresses/food issues!! LOL

  5. Kristy

    We had an experience like that when we were on vacation! After all of the delays and forgetting… they DROPPED my b-i-l’s pasta on the way to the table. It was awful, and all we got was a coupon for a free appetizer for next time. =(

  6. K.

    The last two times I’ve been to Outback I’ve had horrible service… I wonder what the deal is!?!?! Cute pic!

  7. Sarah

    Yes, I think we have met before, and my sister and I grew up knowing Drew… Your wedding pics are so great! Congratulations on getting married, it’s the best!!

  8. Bama Belle...

    oh wow….what a night! at least they took care of the bill – kind of shocked they made you pay for the wine but seems like you needed it with all of that craziness!

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