The Bachelor…. Yes I still watch it….

Yes I am one of those girls that watches this show every season and becomes pretty serious about it…. Yes I have become a pro when it comes to watching the “season previews”…. Yes I have picked the winner almost every year! and YES I say EVERY year “I am never watching this show again!” lol .. Well after Deanna, I like to call her the Greek Witch, let Jason get ON HIS KNEE AND PROPOSE(funny how they didnt show it this way last year), and SMILED while he was proposing(that witch)… I was excited to see him as the next Bachelor. I was a little weary they were going to parade his son around, but I think they will be pretty good about keeping him out of the picture until necessary. I picked my favorite early in the episode, Melissa. They didnt even show her “one on one time” with Jason, but the girls seemed to see her as a threat? (wow am I really blogging about this haha) I also like that she is a southern, spunky girl and that she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! : ) I am sure we are going to see more of her and I am going to go out on the limb and pick her as the Final One! It is amazing how much alcohol is going throughout that room! The wedding planner, Jackie, seemed to take down the most glasses of champagne… I bet she isn’t getting that many brides to plan their weddings now! In the previews, The Greek Witch makes a return to the Bachelorette pad…. hmmm, I see some clever editing and I dont think she is there for Jason.. But I could be wrong : ) I also liked Jillian, aka the Hot dog girl. I didnt know there was a theory about how men commit in a relationship by what hot dog toppings they put on their hot dogs?!? But ladies if your man puts mustard or ketchup on their dogs, your in the clear! : ) Then there is molly, she is the one that cut in while the Brazilian lady and Jason were dancing. Hey I would do the same thing, those Brazilian women are gorgeous! In the previews she seems to get the most romantic with our Bachelor.. possibly the first kiss? I guess we will just have to watch and find out!

All in all…. It is my monday night entertainment and I am sure I will continue to watch it as long as they keep in running!

Back to my reality! haha- I am working on my last wedding post! yippie! Hope everyone has a great day! xoxo


15 thoughts on “The Bachelor…. Yes I still watch it….

  1. Sarah

    Oh I don’t think Deanna came back for Jason either!! I really don’t care for her at all!!! Don’t feel bad, I did a post about his too 🙂
    We will have to compare every tuesday!!

  2. Chic Runner

    My cousins and I have a girls night on Mondays just to watch, and though I’m not a Jason fan AT ALL, I still like the drama and the STUPID STUPID girls on the show! It’s so entertaining! 🙂 Glad you will be in with the gossip of it all!

  3. morewineplease

    I just posted about this too!
    What about the widower… I like her… I am not sure about your final pick, but she is up there!

    Deanna is going to piss a lot of people off!

  4. Mrs. Nurse

    i actually thought that melissa would be the one that got the #1 vote from all the girls. she had a fun and quirky personality and reminded me a lot of Deanna!

  5. Megan

    I haven’t watched this show in years but decided to tune in this season, it looks like it is going to be a good one! I am with you, I totally think Melissa makes it to the end!

  6. Heather

    I wonder how long Deanna will stay – maybe just for one episode? One can hope…
    What did you think of the woman last night who received the first impression rose?

  7. Maggie

    ha ha, I watch it every season too, and I REALLY get into it. I remembered Melissa from the show, The Making of the Dallas Cheerleaders – did you see it? She was on for two seasons, the first one she was trying out and the second one of course she was a vetren returning to the squad. I liked her then too, lol.

    I noticed they changed up the proposing scene of him and Deanna too, this time around. What is up w/ that?! That made me mad – and her smiling all the while – I seriously thought it was fake. How could she smile like that and like he said, she was glowing the whole time. Ugh, I can’t stand her, and then to come back and say she made a mistake and did you see him all crying and hanging over the balcony?! I love Jason – I hope he doesn’t pick her again!!!

  8. MonicaMeadows

    I am a major Bachelor fan also! I always feel bad that I get so into it, but I cant seem to help myself. I totally agree with you about the winner. I also think that Lauren (the birthday girl in the long cheetah print dress) goes pretty far too. She is so cute and naturally pretty.
    I should be interesting. I think the widow might go far too…kinda scary.
    Your wedding pics are gorgeous! Congrats, and tell Drew as well!
    Monica Meadows
    I will put your link on my blog!

  9. Emily!

    You are hilarious! Well the girl Erica (last one to get the rose) works out of my Connecticut office for my same company, so I had to watch it!! (not that I don’t ever season but now I have an excuse) I have a feeling she won’t make it the next round, but I like your top pics!!

  10. Brooke Bertalan

    Tara, you are such a goob’. I love it that you get obsessed though. I think it’s hilarious. I hope he picks Melissa. She looks the most down to earth and she is beautiful. I think your 3rd pick is way too perfect looking to be down to earth. Those are my thoughts on something I know nothing about. Haha! Enjoy the show!

  11. LyndsAU

    Girl-I love the Bachelor and I like the name Greek Witch for Deanna!!! I love Jason and I am such a stalker of this show 🙂 ha! I obsess over it! I want to know who wins now! I hate waiting 🙂 ha

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