Date night, Bowling and Football!

Drew and I had a really good weekend. The sun finally came out on Friday and started to melt all the ice in NWA. By Saturday almost all of it was gone. It is still so sad to see all the damage, its going to take a long time for NWA to look the same, if it ever does : (

Well Friday night Drew and I had a date night and went out to eat to Mermaids and ate some yummy food. Then I managed to talk him into going “out” for a few drinks. We headed to theos and had some yummy martinis and then we went over to a bar that his friend was djing at. It was like 9:30 so we were the only ones there and by the time people started showing up we were ready to leave. We are pretty much over the “going out scene”, but we did have a lot of fun. Here are some silly pictures Drew took of me dancing by myself haha and before we went out.

me on our date night

drew snappin pictures of me being goofy

Saturday I spent the day shopping with my mom and little sister. It felt like a spring outside so of course all we wanted to buy was spring clothes haha! I didnt get tooo out of hand : ) Sadie did get a new juicy wool sweater! So cute! : ) That night Drew and I went out to eat to La huerta, my fav mexican restaurant, and then met some friends out bowling! I am a pretty good bowler and Drew’s friend Alan and I tied for the highest score! We had tons of fun.
sadie in her new sweater

the coles

us girls at the bowlin alley

silly girls

me and drew
Sunday of course was superbowl time! who hoo.. actually I wasnt too pumped about this super bowl. I am an avid footfall fan, but with the wedding last year, I was soo out of the football loop. (Plus my cowboys really sucked it up this year) We went over to our friends, the north’s, house and ate a bunch of yummy snack foods. All of us girls had a great time chatting and catching up with one another, while the boys stayed in the “man” room with the big screen. It was a great time! Also, my friend Katie is having her precious baby on thursday! Please pray for her and Miss Layla to have a smooth delivery!

9 months pregnant and such a trooper!

me and drew on super bowl sunday (love the hand on the hip hunnie : ) )

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


19 thoughts on “Date night, Bowling and Football!

  1. Laurel

    Thanks for your comments! My fashion blog is by far my favotite to post on! Mostly because of the sweet readers! PS that bowling night looked fun!

  2. The Heckathorns

    OMG, I miss La Huerta!!! They have the best mexican food ever! (and the margaritas are YUMMY!) I’ve got the Hubs looking for a Schnorkie for me and I keep showing him pictures of your Sadie and he keeps rolling his eyes at me. HAHA!

    Tell your hubby that he knows how to work that camera! HAHAHA!

  3. Natalie

    Oh my gosh, Look at Katie! I can’t believe she’s already about to have her baby, tell her I said hi and good luck, I don’t have her number anymore bc I broke my phone and lost all my numbers =(

    LOVE Sadie’s style…She got it from her momma! HAHA!

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