Happy Birthday Sis!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is my big sister’s birthday! We were going to throw her Mexican Fiesta tonight, since her preggo cravings have been nothing but mexican, but her and both of her kids have came down with pink eye. : ( so sad! not a way to spend your birthday! Pray that they get better very soon!!

Rachel has been a fantastic sister since the day I was born. She would always teach me her drillteam routines in junior high and she always had my back when we were in highschool together. She was the person Nicole and I could lean on during our parents divorce. She is a wonderful mother and a great role model. Not to mention she works for Loreal so I get all sorts of goodies! : ) It is so great to have sisters but its even better to have sisters that are your best friends! Love you Rachel! Get Better Soon! (I will have a margarita waiting for you after Baby Brown #3 arrives!)

Here are some pictures through the years!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! This is the first weekend in awhile where Drew and I dont have plans, well besides the super bowl! haha.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sis!

  1. Maggie

    Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!! Hope you guys get rid of that pink eye soon – NOT fun!!!

    Tara – Great post and sisterly tribute!!! Loved all the pictures.

  2. Megan

    So sweet! I hope you are able to have your Mexican Fiesta when Rachel and the kiddos get to feeling better!
    Love the pictures of you beautiful girls! You are always having fun together!

  3. jlc

    Happy bday to the sis!

    And I must ask… where did you buy that black lace dress!?? It is sooo Pretty Woman. I LOVE it!!!

  4. Amanda

    You are such a sweet sister!

    Did you get my email about the tee? Let me know when you want to chat about it! =)

    Have a great weekend!

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