A Late Bachelor Recap and You asked.. I answer….#2!

Well it is now Thursday and I am just now posting on the Bachelor! Thats what 2 inches of ice EVERYWHERE will do to ya! Well Monday’s episode sure was a good one because he got rid of all the loons! So Molly got the one on one date after the “lets make fools of ourselves singing a song about jason challenge” Which brings me to Lauren… GOSH what a little BRAT! I am so glad she is gone! …… I think Jason didnt even listen to the songs and just picked the girl he wanted to spend the night with and obviously he meant that literally. I laughed out loud when Molly took pride in being the first bachelorette who took the “walk of shame” ICK! On to the group date, which was full of waterworks. I thought Bob was going to go down as the Bachelor who made out with every girl, well Jason sure has killed his record. I really dont have much to say about that group date except once again.. ICK! Mellisa was pretty vocal during that date and I think the producers are hiding a lot of her and Jason from us, they seem to be pretty into each other. Then the 2 on 1 date with Niki and Stephanie. I honestly wanted Jason to send both of them home. Niki has some issues and I just do not see it with Stephanie. Miss Nutty was still pretty nutty in this episode, but nothing new there! haha. I still see my initial pick of Mellisa final one, Molly final 2 and Jillian final 3 right on! I think I deserve a Bachelor gold medal if I nailed this one from the first episode! I guess next week we will be headed to the windy city…looks like drama got blown in too!

Alrighty here are the rest of the question/answers!

23. More wine please asked- “Favorite Hair products?”

I think it was number 19 above that i answered that on another bloggers question but I will add, I love all of Kerastase deep conditioning salon treatments : )

24. bumpkin on a swing asked- “who was your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette?”

Hmmm lets see.. I would probably say Andrew Firestone. He was a pretty genuine guy, cant say the same for Jen… bleh her season was horrible!

25. Lauren asked-” Has your style changed much over the years, or has it always been the same, or have you gone thru different style phases?” What was your worst fashion mess-up?” What advise would you have on a style for a highschool aged girl like me? and cheap places to get classy pieces?”

Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I would say my style has indeed changed immensely over the years. In highschool, I was much more layed back and wasnt really into “style”, until my senior year. I began to shop like a maniac and loved clothes. I always wanted the new it thing and anything that had sparkle to it. But what I have learned thru the years is that not all trends are meant for every body, but I do believe you can make any trend your own by tweaking it. For instance I love high waisted pants, but I don’t have a long torso, so I wear high waisted skirts with a tad shorter hem.

Now to my worst fashion mess-up. My sophomore year in college, I wore those spandexy flare pants that have a foldover waistband with this tight low cut purple top out with some friends. Oh boy that outfit has been burned! : P

My advise to you is to be yourself and have fun with clothes! Accessories are your best friend! You can make a cheap top look like an expensive one with the right necklace or scarf. Forever 21 is always my go to place for something cute and cheap. Obviously not everything there is classy, but with the right cardigan or wrap(especially all those long ones they have these days), you can make lots of tops look more conservative!

26. Champagne Blonde asked- “Where did you get the fabulous light pink sparkly dress in this post”

I got that dress on Ebay from a seller that has a daughter in the pagent biz. It is made by Scala.. they have amazing beaded dresses! (they run pretty true to size too)

27. Mrs. Guru asked- “What do you do for a living” Where do you shop?” and “What is your favorite pj/sleeping clothing?”

Mrs. Guru check number 1 for what I do for a living and check number 8 for the shopping! My favorite lounge wear is by far Juicy Couture tracksuits! SOOO comfy and great quality. I want one in every color! I also have like 10 pairs of those Victoria’s Secret sweat pants that tuck under your calf.

28. Megan asked- “How many kids do you want to have?” Do you want to stay home with them or continue to work outside or home?” “Favorite TV Show?” “Favorite memory with Drew, besides engagement or wedding day?”

Drew and I are actually not sure how many kids we want. We sometimes say two, sometimes three. We are going to start with one and pray that god gives us a healthy baby and go from there. I would love to have a job that allows me to work at home, and if I cant I would love to have my mother watch our little one : ) (Mom I know you reading my blog now regularly, so get ready in 2011) : )

Favorite Tv show is Gossip Girl. It is such a guilty pleasure… I mostly watch it for the clothes!! haha. and Chuck Bass : ) Drew would probably say my favorite TV show is CSI Miami haha

Favorite Memory.. wow thats a hard one girl… I have SO many.. but this one was a really funny one. My 24th birthday I decided to get bunch of my friends together for a big dinner and then go out for a drink! Well the party was kind of a bust and one of my friends made me upset that I was crying, so we ended up going out for a little while, but called it an early night. The next day I was really counting on Drew to make it a good day after the horrible night I had… Well he kept on making excuses for other things he had to do that seemed SO strange and he ended up leaving me at my apartment all alone. Needless to say I was so upset with him. He was gone for hours and I was calling him every 45 min giving him the hardest time and trying to figure out what the heck he was doing. He finally got back and I heard him pull up and peaked outside my door and saw that he had the one and only Sadie Jane in his arms and was trying to surprise me! I felt so bad! He totally got me though, I am about impossible to surprise! He even got her this sugar cookie dog shampoo and let me go to a dog boutique to pick out a girly shirt for her! haha. It was so sweet! : )

29. Kristin asked (this is my best friend haha) ” How did you get legs like Giselles?” How much do you charge to be a personal shopper?” What is your favorite Color?”

haha If I had Legs like Giselle’s I would not have an office job, I would be walking that runway girl!

haha.. You get my personal shopping duties for free.. you better not ask me how much I charge! lol : )

My favorite color is pink and purple! : )

30. Joanna asked- “How do you style your hair?” “Do you have a baby timeline?”
Hi Joanna, I think I answered the stylin question on the post before last, number 6? You girls are all thinking alike!

Our Baby timeline is starting in late 2010 and we are going from there. We are waiting to see what God’s plan is for us for our first baby!

31. Skinnyrunner asked- “If you could only have one pair of shoes for the rest of your life(gym/running shoes excluded) what would they be?”

Great question! If I cant have gym running shoes I hope i live on a beach so I can run barefoot on the sand! haha. I think I would pick a pair of Louboutin black peep toe pumps. Gosh I am glad i dont have to do that though! haha

32. Jessica asked- “Where would the net girls trip be and when?”

HI sis! haha I would say us girls need to go to NYC this christmas. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to NYC during Christmas and what better way to see it than with your sisters and mom! : )

33. Laurel asked- What advise would you give for anyone planning a wedding?” What was the most challenging part?” What would you have done to make the day go by smoothly” “What aspect would you not change or what thing would you do differently?”

GOSH I loved planning my wedding! The most challenging part for me was letting people do things for me. I like to be in complete control of Everything, but my mom and sister did A LOT so it was nice to have them to rely upon. I had issues with my vendors being late the morning of and some other minor mix-ups, but that may or may not happen to you. I tell all my friends that are getting married to make their day personalized to them and their fiance. Make it their own! We had more people notice the little touches I added then the beautiful floral arrangements! I would strongly suggest, if you dont hire a wedding planner, to have someone at the reception site in charge of making sure every vendor is ontime and doing what they need to do. My great friend Jessica was this for me and she was incredible! The only thing I would have changed is to have hired our main vendor to help my mom out more so she could have been there with me at the salon. I liked how Drew and I had our own sweetheart table as well, it gave us a chance to sit back and see all our friends and family having a great time. I honestly could go own and on girl.. email me if you have any other questions! (taragibson15@hotmail.com)

34. Lane asked- “How many dresses do you have?”

How about you guess? haha.. jk Rachel asked me above on the last post : )

35. JLC asked- “Do you work? if not can you be my personal shopper?”

haha.. yes girl I work (see #1 on the first question/answer post) but I will always have time for personal shopping clients haha

36. Stylish Housewife- “If you could go on yoru dream vaca and money was no object, where would you go?” What is your job? What is your tope 3 fav movies?”

Thank you for your sweet comment! I think I would go back to Hawaii, but go to all the islands. Drew absolutely LOVED Hawaii, and I know that would be the best place for both of us to enjoy to the fullest. See question one on the first post about my job. My top 3 favorite movies are. Pretty Women, The Notebook and Gone with the Wind.

37. Belle of the Ball asked -” What type of makeup do you use and do you use self-tanner?”

I use Clinique City Base, Revlon Skin lights, all sorts of eyeshadow (prescriptives,lancome, loreal, etc) Loreal Eyeliner, Loreal Beauty Tubes Mascara, Loreal Blush, and Loreal Lipglosh in Blush. (My sister works for Loreal : ) ) No I have never used a self tanner, I unfortunately still tan in a tanning bed, but not near as often as I used too. I am still scared to use the spray on, it weirds me out especially after seeing Bride Wars haha! But I know how bad tanning is.

Well thats the end of them! I had so much fun answering all these! I am so glad to have “met” more of you ladies!!!! I think Sadie is pretty annoyed at me being on the computer so long!

This weekend is my big sister’s BIRTHDAY!!!!! Check back monday for her birthday fiesta pictures!


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  1. Carolyn

    Oh girl, Eddie is SMOKIN HOT! I was drooling/in awe for most of the night when we met. He spilled my drink on the carpet and made me a new one…and I’m pretty sure I still have that styrofoam cup he touched. hahah.

    If you want to play your letter is….hmmmmm let me pick a good one….you do C. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    I know I missed your “ask me” timeline, but I’m getting married in May and just started the “registry” hunt…where did you decide to register and why?

    P.S. I found your blog through Blue Eyed Bride and just LOVE it! 🙂

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