WOW, is what I have to say about the ice storm that hit my hometown. It looks like tornado damage covered in ice! I have never seen anything like this, its really devastating! 60,000 people, just in my electric companies network, are out of electricity. It all started Monday around noon….my dad told me to leave the office because the ice storm was scheduled to hit around 1, well I decided to go by the store to grab some stuff to make a big pot of baked potato soup and some sandwich meat, just in case. Well Drew gets home and the ice starts to fall, and boy did it fall while we were sleeping. We wake up with electricity and Drew heads to work. Sadie and I hung out at the house and I was counting my lucky stars to have electricity. Lots of my friends were texting me saying they had no electricity and I told them to come on over. Well after I ran on the treadmill and heated up some soup I hear.. meeeeeeeeernnn, and it goes dark. hmm I guess running on the treadmill was pushing my luck. Well I call Drew and he thinks I should see if any of my friends that live close still have power. Well then I hear tree branches crashing to the ground, scary stuff, then I remember the huge tree in our next door neighbors backyard. So i go take a peak and think yeah that guy is about to fall. I go upstairs and lay in bed with sadie and get ahold of Kristin and she has electricity! AMEN!! Well I start to pack my bag and I hear crackkkkk,shhhhh,, BANG! Sadie jumps off the bed, hides under the bed while I tensing up and closing my eyes thinking, that tree just crashed into our living room. Well I go down stairs and it did crash down but just crushed our backyard fence. phew. It was really a miracle it didnt fall into our house .I have heard of a few people that did have a tree fall into their homes! So terrible and I hope they get fixed soon!! Well Kristin and her bf come and pick me and Sadie up and we head to her house. Well we are hanging out there having a great time talking, listening to tree branches fall and then we hear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeern… her power goes out. GREAT! Kristin calls her bf and he still has power.. YEA Then Kristin starts packing her and her daughters bags and we hear this merrrrn crackle pop sound… hmm whats that.. well we look outside and we dont see anything. We hear it again.. meeern crackle pop.. I then think its a loose wire or something which we think is on her roof. Her boyfriend shows up and tells us that there is in deed a loose wire and its on fire, but its across the street. .. WOW. Blake then takes us to go grab some more food since we will more than likely be staying put for awhile. We head to mcdonalds to get kristins daughter some food and they tell us “Welcome to Mcdonalds, we are out of power we will not be able to take your order today. hmmm Kristin then says, I guess the intercom is battery operated.?… so we head to wal mart.. what a mad house that was! We grab some frozen pizzas, hoping that the electricity is still on at her bf’s house. We then decide we may just need a bottle of wine too. We venture off in the ice wilderness, otherwise known as fayetteville, and see that a liquor store ALSO is out of electricity but there is a line around the building! So we go check it out and see that they are open but only had 3 cases of beer at the front door. So we pass and head “home”. We get to her bf’s and he does still have power. We felt so lucky… seriously.. noone had power, Drew didn’t even believe me when I told him Kristin’s bf had power! We eat our food and decide to have a shot of “hot damn”… dont ask why.. Drew comes over finally after driving thru the maze of fallin trees and we all go to bed. Today the power at our house is still off, and will not be on unitl Saturday, we are still having an extended slumber party at Kristin’s bf’s house and we finally got some wine. This storm really has hit NWA hard, and its quite unbelievable. I am so glad that all my family and friends are safe and hope electricity is restored soon. Here are some pictures of the Ice! I am finishing up the rest of the questions yall asked and will get those up tmrw! Hope everyone in NWA is staying warm and safe!!!!!

This doesnt even begin to show how crazy it looks around here!

ps.. Baby Harper is doing much better.. she has opened her eyes and is SUCH a gorgeous little girl! go check our kellys blog for the most recent update.


14 thoughts on “Merrrrrrrrrnnnnnn……….

  1. Katy

    Wow. I’m glad that yall are ok, though.

    We had a wind storm that knocked a tree down across our fence and porch a few weeks back, but still no snow or ice. 🙁

  2. Lane

    Isn’t this NUTS!! Amazingly we have not been without power at all…still holding our breath! Hope yours gets restored soon!

  3. Sweet Simplicity

    This happened to us in Tulsa last year. We were without power for 5 days. It was crazy! I hope they get the power restored soon. I remember laying in bed and hearing trees falling. It was the weirdest thing!

  4. Megan

    Well I’m glad you guys are safe and warm. And I must say in the midst of an ice storm you still look so cute!! Love that coat!!

  5. jlc

    That is crazy!! But beautiful all at the same time!!

    Hahaha and I just kept laughing every time I read your meeeeeern part.

    You are too funny lady! 😉

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