The Women Tell BLAH!

Update: they just posted the girls in their final rose ceremony dresses on abc medianet… Molly in the purple, melissa in yellow?!? I think someone at abc is good with photoshop! 🙂

So yeah you can see how enthusiastic I was to watch this episode of The Bachelor! : )


So we start off with Chris Harrison having a pow wow with our Schmuck..aka The Bachelor. I would have to say, Chris Harrison was pretty amusing. He was not holding back on Jason. Of course they talk about the drama queen Megan, Mrs. Nutty and the snotty kiss, Naomi’s cooky family and then Chris nails one on Jason with Jillian. Jason states that Jill is the “ultimate friend” and Chris doesn’t hesitate to call Jason out and says “So your in the hot tub.. with your friend…..things got really heated.” Jason tries to get out of this one smelling like a rose by saying there was passion, but Chris interrupts and lets him know that Cinemax called and they even said it was too hot Then Chris slams jason with another question.. “What happened in the tent with Molly?” Jason tries again to brush this off and say it was completely innocent… even when the cameras were not on for 3 hours. Chris interrupts again and says… “three hours of sex is a lot” WOAH! BOOOOYAH! Take that Jason! ; ) Then we see unseen footage with Jason falling off the horse and taking his pants off. AND THEN Chris nails him again with “So what really goes on in the fantasy suite?” Jason of course will not give up any information (no pun intended) and says thats where you really get to know one another… yeah im sure! (ok I know, I am little bitter here towards this guy… forgive me : ) )


Next they show us the only success story from this show.. Trista and Ryan. I wonder if they are getting sick of being dragged into this every year? Then we see that Charlie and Sarah are back together. I LOVED Sarah’s dress, so adorable. It was nice to see that Charlie is sober and that they are happy.
Then we see that Deanna’s boys and Matt’s girls have been “Getting to know each other.” I guess Jesse is now with Holly, the Chef dude has creeped out more girls, Chelsea is in playboy, Bryan is still a little hottie, everyone wanted Graham, and noelle and Fred are a couple and quite adorable. I hope Mike Fliess doesn’t make another reality show about rejected bachelors and bachelorettes.


FINALLY, we see the Women from this season… I almost forgot this show as a “Women tell all” So Harrison starts off with Miss. Nutty, who is surprisingly sane with her “this experience was very exciting” answer. Then the producers, like always, show us a gripe fest montage of all the women. Boy do they like to stir things up. Lauren, Megan and Erika have it out once again and Natalie puts her two cents in, which then leads her right into the “hot seat” Natalie rambles on and on how she was portrayed wrong…”look I am wearing a .25 bracelet!” haha. She talks about how she was taken out of her hometown and put into a foreign environment.. hmm didnt she APPLY for this show?!? moving on…. but wait.. lets have an argument about someone splashing Natalie in the pool and her getting upset about it.. yes WOMEN TELL BLAH!


Next Jillian is put into the “hot seat” and we watch her getting her heart broken again. She is such a classy women. Of course, Chris asks her if she would ever be the bachelorette and with heavy splicing and very annoyingly loud screams from the audience we get a “yes” out of her. Jillian… run far far away from Mike Fliess.. DONT DO IT! But I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of this Canadian beauty in the future.
Finally Jason comes out to face the women. He really doesn’t get grilled by any of them because of course “he made a connection with all of them.” Yeah a kissing connection. Then Chris asks Jason “Are you happy?” UH HUH.. WHY NOT “ARE YOU ENGAGED!” I believe the last time we heard the “happy” question was with Brad Womack! Clearly they cant fool us! What happened to Jason’s, “I am engaged and in love” comments he was spilling to everyone after the show finished taping!?!?


So we see previews for the finale where I was hoping to see the girls in their dresses for the final rose since we have already seen that the “final one” is wearing a blue dress. But of course, they don’t show that to us. All I got from the preview is that Jason is seriously in love with Molly’s eyes! I guess we will see the drama unfold next week! At least we know Jason is “happy” pshhhhh! Jerk! : )



17 thoughts on “The Women Tell BLAH!

  1. Constance

    Ok so Molly wears a pinky ring on her right hand and Melissa wears a pinky ring on her left. The picture you have posted shows it should be Molly. Oh I really hope not, I prefer Melissa.

  2. Rachel

    Didnt watch it last night, couldn’t bring myself to do it! For the record – Reality Steve is the buzz!! Without you, we would all be in the dark =)!

  3. Mojito Maven

    I loved this recap!!! And chris harrison grilling jason about the sex was HILARIOUS!!!

    AND you are totally right…some serious editing has been done because ow did the dresses go from one color to yellow and bright blue?

  4. Maggie

    Oh, girl, I am with you 100%. I will watch, because I guess I’m an idiot (ha!) but I really, really, really, really, really… (get the picture – lol) DON’T LIKE THAT BOY ANYMORE!!!

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