Wonderful Valentines Day Weekend

Hello everyone! I hope yall had a fabulous weekend! Mine started off with a dinner with Drew and one of my best friends Friday night. We had Chinese food at our place and Sadie gave a Valentine to Kristy’s puppy Dax. Saturday morning I woke up to Drew bringing me a yummy breakfast from Uncle Gaylords, blueberry pancakes, eggs and potatoes, all my favs! Then I got around and took Sadie to park and when we got back to the house, Drew had our valentines out. He had a beautiful bouquet of dozen roses, the SWEETEST card, and he got me a light pink north face jacket, a navy Juicy Couture tracksuit, sadie a toy and a huge bag of mini bone treats(Drew knows I am terrified that Sadie is going to choke on those huge treats). It was so sweet. Drew likes to buy me outdoorsy type things because he knows how much I like to run outside and he is also obsessed with northface type things and I know he put a lot of thought into getting me a pink one. : ) That night we went out to eat to Ruth Chris. Before we went there, we stopped by my mom’s house for Claire’s Valentines Day party. The food smelled so good there, we almost stayed! haha. We headed to Ruth Chris and had an amazing dinner. We ate so much food we couldn’t even eat dessert! Yesterday Drew literally played play station for 8 hours! He got some shooting game and was dead set on beating certain levels. I foresee the playstation being moved upstairs so the living room is not the headquarters for playing that thing! haha : )

sadie in her vday attire : )

the dessert for friday night : )

me and drew at my moms before dinner

me and o

drew and claire

me and claire givin our signature pose

headed off to ruth chris

me and my other valentine

love you so much! : ) Thank you babe for a wonderful first Valentines as MR and MRS Gibson! : )
Today I have my sister’s little boy, Owen, hanging out with me! haha. This should be an interesting day : ) I cant wait for the Bachelor tonight, even thought I already know who goes home tonight…. I will explain tmrw I how I know and also a surprising thing ABC is doing this year. Have a FANTASTIC week yall! xoxo

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  1. The New Mrs

    So I have been checking your blog for the bach commentary all morning! I need to hear this inside info 🙂 I cannot believe Jillian went home. Shocker!

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