Something is about to Hit the Fan!

WOW, what an episode and ending. I am not the biggest fan of the “fantasy date” episode, and this was probably the worst one I have seen “in bachelor history” SO lets get started..

First Jason talks about the three women once again… He thinks Jillian and him are lacking physical attraction, boy oh boy does that change, Molly’s eyes make Jason go into a trance and he can see her as his wife and Melissa reminds him of the Greek Witch and his Ex, hmmm thats not good.

Then we go to Jillian’s date. Wow NZ really is a beautiful place! Jillian is waiting for J and looky there, they have coordinating outfits! how cute! 🙂 So they take a helicopter ride over NZ and then land on the edge of a mountain for a picnic. Jillian and Jason starting fishing for comments from each other asking “how would you describe me?” blah blah.. then they go strolling hand in hand and go to the edge of the cliff and Jason states that ”We’re on this ledge literally on the edge of a cliff, and our relationship right now is the exact same way.” Hmm again doesn’t sound good for Ms Jillian. Then comes the dinner and Jillian shows up in a pretty cute little pink dress, minus the shoes, and they have jump right back into conversation. To me it seemed like Jason just wanted to forgo dinner and head to the fantasy suite and Jillian too when she talked about it being a “long” night if they were to go there. WOW. So they head to the suite and go straight to the hot tub. the music starts then….. baum-chicka-wow-wow. GEEZ… WAY to much for TV! The most explicit scene i have EVER seen on the Bachelor and it was SO uncalled for!
So the NEXT DAY,gross, Jason heads to meet Molly for their date. Molly is ready to take their goofy silly relationship to a more “emotional” level. uh huh.. Jason then takes Molly bungee jumping, I guess to see if she is ready to take the plunge.. oh lord! haha. So after the 123 EEEEE.. They go sit down for a lunch and a question answer session. So we learn Jason likes peanut butter ice cream, that he would like to be the prez “because HE could make a difference”, that he would like to go to a concert with Elvis and that he would run for his air jordans if his house was on fire.. I hope there was some clever editing on that part and Molly REALLY asked Jason “Besides your SON, what would you save if your house was on fire!” sorry Jason, not cutting you any slack after this episode. Then they have their dinner date and Jason wants “more” from Molly. He brings up that her family isn’t very affectionate, since Jason knows them SO well, and Molly manages to change the subject by telling Jason that she think she is falling in love with him. After Jason’s very telling facial expressions, he manages to say “wow” So then Molly hands him a card to invite HIM up to the fantasy suite, and they head up there. Now in past seasons the Final One has rose petals in their fantasy suite, and Molly had them, but ya never know. They forgo the raunchy make out session with these two and just show a bubble bath kiss.. thank god.
The next day, GROSS, Jason goes to see Melissa! They go on Winston Churchill’s old boat and then to soak in a hot pool. Jason asks Melissa is she has talked to her parents, thats a big No from her, and then Jason contradicts what he said 2 min ago in a voice over, that he doesn’t have to meet Mel’s parents to fall in love with her… BUT it can only go so far.. yeah right to the fantasy suite! BLEH! So they have their dinner date and blah blah blah and then head to the FS where Melissa tells Jason she has fallen in love with him. Jason with his stellar vocab states “You’re amazing!” and then the shutters are closed.
Now its time for Chris Harrison to come talk to J about all the dates and each girl left Jason a video message. Jillian calls him babe and talks about big families and home cooked meals, Molly states that she is madly in love with him while Jason throws his head back like someone punched him in the stomach!, then Mel tells jason that she misses him and she loves him. The Bachelor looks like a deer in headlights after this and looks as if he is about to get sick. So now its time for the “toughest decision he has ever had to make”, and heads over to break a girls heart. So first rose goes to Mel, then the last one goes to Molly. Jillian and Jason head to the bench where ABC once again has no shame and airs Jillian’s attempt to change Jason’s mind. Also, I dont see how marrying your best friend is so “wrong” in Jason’s eyes.. I know I married my best friend, From watching, I think Jason just let go of the one girl that seemed to be right for him. Poor girl, I cant wait to see what she has to say next week at the Women Tell All!
Then we get previews for the WTA and the finale and then… then crazy announcement from Chris Harrison.. WOAH. Now when I first heard it, It made me think someone got hurt or maybe even preggers! I hope to gosh that they are pulling our tails and being very over dramatic(my gut tells me they are). Right now I have not found out anything about it, but hopefully I will soon. Also… ABC is having not one BUT TWO, after the final rose segments. The first one is this mysterious closed set one following the final in two weeks and then there will be one more the next night. They tape these in advance and usually someone spills out there. This whole dramatic thing could have to do with Mel and her parents being so secretive? who knows! But Mr Mike Fliess(the show’s producer) sure has got everyone hooked in for this finale.
Last, the reason I knew it was Jillian going home is because on a random website I found on the Bachelor, this poster had pictures from Shannon’s (aka miss nutty) myspace from the Women Tell All and Jillian was in them. Drew calls me Sherlock Holmes, I am beginning to see why lol. I mentioned Reality Steve’s website on my last recap and he said he is going to reveal what he knows tmrw, via you tube! This is about to get interesting!

something causes Jason to cry this hard?
On another note… this post was my 100th post! woweee! : )


26 thoughts on “Something is about to Hit the Fan!

  1. The New Mrs

    I love love love your bachelor recaps Sherlock Holmes. Good investigative work!

    p.s. I am also devastated that Jill went home too. I think he made a big misteake.

  2. Missy R.

    Congrats on your 100 post! 🙂 Woot! Woot! Thank for the awesome update! I was watching it & put it on pause to do some stuff and then at 9 my TV went automatically to Hero's & I lost the whole episode of Bachelor! Dammit!

  3. Mrs. Potts

    Congrats on your 100th post! Thank you for the Bachelor updates. I haven't been watching this season, but you keep me so well informed that I feel like I have been!

    Come over & visit my blog – I announced my Spring Fever give away!

  4. Maggie

    I thought he was crying like that cuz the Greek witch came back… UGH, now I’m so confused. LOL Now I have to go watch yesterday’s show as I taped it again and haven’t watched yet. haha

  5. Constance

    Oh I just love reading your posts! They are so fun and especially about the Bachelor! Have you noticed, everytime he is in a plane/helicopter he sends the girl home (excluding Mel, granted that was a blimp)?

  6. Missy

    I love your Bachelor recaps!

    I, too, loved Jillian and was so pissed he sent her home!

    Melissa’s dress at the rose ceremony was horrendous!

  7. Arreya

    i love how you used “in bachelor history” in quotes … that gets so old.. i mentioned something about that the other day.. i was like, “it seems like there’s always something about the FIRST TIME IN BACHELOR HISTORY” .. jeez. nice blogs!

    thanks for the spoilers in the other one too.. i tend to believe most reality tv is like that so it doesn’t really surprise me.. it just sucks that real people do get hurt.

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