Bachelor spoilers…. Do not read if ya don’t wanna know!!!

Do no read if you don’t want to be spoiled on the bachelor ending

Reality Steve just posted his YouTube videos and he states that

Jason proposes to melissa on the final episode and then on the first after the final rose he breaks up with her and starts a relationship with Molly. Also, reality Steve said that Molly has been seeing Jason while he was with Melissa!

Melissa was compleatly blindsided!! She had no idea until she was flown in for this emergency After the Final Rose segment.

ALSO, according to Reality Steve’s “opinion”(which seems to be true) ABC was in on this from the beginning. Jason wanted Molly early on in the show and abc told him be had to pick melissa if he wanted molly!

OH MY GOSH!!! This makes me sick! Poor Melissa : (

Of course ABC will not portray it this way.

Go to reality Steve’s website to see his videos.

It’s been fun writing these recaps, but I’m so done with this show.


24 thoughts on “Bachelor spoilers…. Do not read if ya don’t wanna know!!!

  1. Amanda

    If that is true and if ABC “makes him” do that, it’s disgusting. Not as if the show isn’t already gross in it’s own right- hooking up with multiple girls at a time and “falling in love” with each of them. I mean, it makes for great TV, but come on… this would be a NEW ultimate low!

  2. Christina

    That bums me out. I stopped watching the bachelor in college and started watching again this season. If this is all true then they shouldn’t have another bachelor again. I feel so bad for Melissa. She was my favorite from the beginning.

  3. Missy R.

    Wow that is really just awful but they will do anything for ratings even if it means running over people’s feelings. Let’s hope this is untrue!

  4. Bama Belle...

    If this is true, I am boycotting the show! I feel so bad for Melissa. No one deserves public humiltiation. And to think I even thought about applying for the show…

  5. Kayce

    OMG! I don’t even watch the show and I’m speechless. That is the reason I stopped watching. Will there ever be a happy ending? I don’t think a couple has actually stayed together since Trista and Ryan!

  6. Mrs. Nurse

    Hopefully, he is wrong this time. I would like to think that Jason is a better man than that. I will acutally think he deserved the Deanna break-up if this is all true!

  7. The Heckathorns

    That is so crazy! Is there ANY reality show that is real anymore? (besides the Amazing Race…it’s hard to fake bungee jumping 700 feet! HA!) I stopped watching “The Bachelor” a long time ago, but would read your recaps to stay “in the know” and i’m so glad I didn’t get so into it! Wow!

  8. Maggie

    OK, I just have one word for this…


    I DID NOT see that coming. Jason is NOT my favorite bachelor ANYMORE!!! What a jerk!! And poor, poor Melissa!!

  9. whitney kelly photography

    Hi, new reader here. I’ve been thinking the whole “no audience at the final rose” episode previews has been a little fishy. If this is true, that is soooo wrong. I’m not sure I can wait for the ending…!

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