Old Man Winter has gots to go!

Ok is it just me, or is everyone ready for Old Man Winter to pack up and leave!!! I am ready to wake up to the birds chirping, the sun beaming into my room, the smell of dogwood trees… IM READY FOR SPRING! Tonight is Kitchen Queens and its a cupcake theme and I have had an outfit planned for a month and I wake up today and guess what… its 25 degrees outside… GRRR! But I was not about to let it stop me wear my cute “cupcake like” skirt.. So I venture off into my fantasy world, with my space heater on at the office because my legs are freezing, and online window shop in the christian louboutin section at Neiman Marcus and find these…

so pink…so girly.. so pretty.. so ME! ugh THEN I see that
he also makes them in a high heel… Why Must you torture me!!! 🙂
Yeah and I just looked at the weather… its supposed to snow here Saturday…. NICE!


39 thoughts on “Old Man Winter has gots to go!

  1. The Krile Daily News

    You are completely right about life changing.

    What is up with this weather, we just flew in from Houston and I froze the whole drive home even with the heat on full blast!!

    Super cute shoes, actually saw a pair like them (maybe were them) this week and thought I need those!

  2. Valerie

    your blog is adorable. I would love to put you and sadie jane on my blog .In a post.. I love furry friends! Let me know what you think thanks Valerie… …

  3. The Heckathorns

    A-M-E-N! I’m so tired of the cold! I’m ready for Maxi dresses and cute sandals, without freezing to death!

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES! Preferably the heels since everyone in my life is way taller than I am! 🙂

  4. Kristin Davidson

    I love them both! I need the heels, you the flats, & maybe I'll be your height.
    But maybe not. 🙁
    We need to have fun together soon, it's been a few days since pics of us! 🙂 Happy weekend, love ya!

  5. Mrs. Smith

    I am so obsessed with those Louboutins. I even included the heels in one of my own blog posts a few weeks ago! They are basically the most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen!

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