Glass Slippers and Margaritas!

Last night was the Glass Slipper Event that i posted about the other day! I think it was a huge success! There was SO much stuff donated for the girls. The organization that started this in NWA is called Womanade. They are a bunch of incredible women that get together to do small things that make a BIG difference. My friend Niki and I are going to get involved in the Benton County group to help out the local schools. It is really neat how they go about helping these girls. They have a boutique set up with all the donated jewelry, dresses, shoes and etc for the girls to go shop at. Then on the day of the prom they have a beauty day to help the girls with their hair and makeup. So neat! I cant wait to get involved with this organization.
After the event Allison, Betsy(she is the designer of that awesome jewelry we modeled in that fashion show), Niki and I went to Joses for some yummy Mexican food and then out to Theos for a glass of wine. We had a great time!

The weather is absolutely beautiful today! With good weather brings Great shopping : ) It is supposed to rain sunday, but I am enjoying every second of this sunshine! So is Claire…. haha
Claire Throwin the peace signHere are some pics from last night with my girls

at joses
at theos! you can tell the weather is HOT!

girls bein silly

allison being allison! : ) love ya girl

me and lil niki

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I cant wait to go home and pop open an nice corona light with my hubs : )
ALSO I am watching Ellen right now and how awesome that she played “YOUR HOT AND YOUR COLD, YOUR YES AND YOUR NO..” PRICELESS!!!
AND to start the weekend off with a laugh go check out the new word in the urban dictionary- Mesnicked : )


17 thoughts on “Glass Slippers and Margaritas!

  1. writing4612

    We had an organization like this for the girls at my high school.

    People donated gently worn dresses to the cause so that the girls who couldn’t afford to shop at an expensive boutique could still look great at prom.

    It’s great that you’re willing to help. That should be right up your alley. 🙂

  2. Ashley

    Since I have been sick I have been behind on your blog! ;( So fun catching up! And I love ellen too, she cracks me up! HAHA!

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