Melissa On Ellen

Man have the fingers been pointing on this bachelor saga! The producer, Mike Fliess has thrown Jason under the bus, Jason admits he “only” talked to Molly once (yeah right!), and every gossip mag/website/tv show has been talking about this non-stop! So needless to say, Jason better go hide in a some dark cave for awhile… BUT instead he will be on ellen tomorrow with the love of his life (yuck).

neways.. Melissa will be on Ellen today talking about her side of the story and if you forgot to dvr it

She looks so happy!! : ) This Ty (so ironic) fellow she is seeing is so cute!


17 thoughts on “Melissa On Ellen

  1. Ruggy13

    I love your blog! its the only one i can actually see the videos! so happy for Melissa though!! AND really excited about going to the gym now and watching Ellen! I love her! and I think Molly and Jason totally deserve each other. Jason for the obvious but Molly shouldn’t have been kissing and all touchy with him THAT quick. I mean give Melissa a second to leave the studio. I understand that it’s a competition but Jason and Molly were NOT classy about it!

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    thanks for posting the link!! i forgot to dvr it this morning! i can’t believe they edited it out that jason said “ps, it is molly” i mean seriously??? no wonder she called him a bastard!

  3. cassi rash

    hi! i absolutely LOVE your blog. i came across it from my friend’s site at Sweet Simplicity. i actually like Jason before the last few episodes. i hadn’t seen the ellen clip. thanks for posting it!

  4. Melissa

    I had no idea she was gonna be on Ellen. Thanks for posting! Will you be showing tomorrow’s episode with Jason and that home wrecker??

  5. Maggie

    Good for her!!! Thanks so much for sharing those videos. You know what? I still have the last 3 shows taped and have yet to watch them. It’s like once I found out that our beloved Jason was such a scum-bag, I just haven’t had the desire (or the time) to watch. LOL Now I have like 5 hours or more to catch up on. I figure I’ll have a Bachelor marathon this weekend and get them all over with. I just have one last word for Jason…



  6. jlc

    Hahahhahahahaah. I love that pic!!!!!

    My mouth was DROPPED for 2 minutes straight after the second to the last episode. I couldn’t even blog about it!!

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