Glitz, Dancing, and cleverly placed sequins.

So last night was the “dramatic” premier of Dancing with the Stars. What is with ABC and the word dramatic?!? So our three judges are back, Bruno “Mr. Dramatic”, Len-“the Dance Master”, and Carrie Anne “don’t you do lifts” Inaba. Those three never change! AND they kept Samantha Harris around for another season, girl is pretty, but I cant help but be puzzled by her interviewing skills! Her and Paula from idol must be from the same planet. I still love Tom Bergeron and his oh so Corny jokes! alright lets get started.

So first up was Lil’ Kim and Derek and in Lil’ Kim’s own words “The black barbie doll and ken.”(she said it not me!) Was it me or did it look like Derek accidentally got put through the spray tan machine twice! Of course ABC took advantage of Lil’ Kim’s prison sentence, and probably picked the song “nasty girls” on purpose since she was going to dedicate it to the girls back at the detention center. That ABC has no shame. The judges liked her, and I did too, she will not be going home anytime soon.

Next up was the Belinda Carlisle and Jonathan (i think, too many groups to keep up with!)- So the Go Go girl and self proclaimed “nice boy” danced the waltz. Boy did Bruno lay one on them but comparing Belinda to Cloris from last season. I wouldn’t go that far, but I think these two have their work cut out for them. “The Dance Master” liked the performance, of course. Maybe if she gets eliminated we will get a performance of “Heave is a place on earth!” I will vote for that!

Next up is Cheryl and Gilles- WOWEE, did these two rock the red and black cha cha. Yeah most of America has already seen A LOT of Gilles, but I want to see more of these two! Their cha cha was like butter melting on a warm piece of toast! haha.. ok, someone get me a fan : )

Next up we have Steve- O and Lacey -Again ABC played up on Stevo’s drug abuse, no shame, and I think we heard Jackass 15 times during this taping. I think this was a perfect pro and star match up! Steve- O and lacey didn’t get the best scores from the judges, but the audience seemed to love it. I think the best way to describe the dance was put perfectly by Steve-o himself- “he put his foot right in the waltz’s butt” NICE!

Next we have the “not so surprise” replacement Holly Madison and new pro Dmitry- I still dont know what to think about Holly just yet, since she only had a week to prepare, but she looked like the energizer bunny out there. The music, “Just Dance” was cleverly picked and she did just that, but with a lot of nerves. I think she has potential but I also saw some Kim Kardashian and Trista in her, which is not so good. I am glad they brought Dmitry in, I remember watching him on So you think you can dance and he was one hot tamale! I hope these two stick around for another week or two.

Then we have the real life couple Chuck Wicks and Jullianne- boy are these two a cute couple. I have always adored Julianne, but I don’t know if I like seeing a couple dance on this show. I agreed with Bruno’s comment about how it looked like he was chasing a whirlwind around and then wanting to strangle her… it was just chaotic. I knew when Julianne’s foot came off the ground in their spin, that Inaba would slap them on the wrist, and of course she did. I do think he has potential and If Julianne pushes him like she has her past partners, they will be good.

Next, David Alan Grier and Kym- I would be glad to see this “funny” guy go. I was not to fond of his opening line of “I came on this show for free dance shoes and sexual favors.” Yeah the guy may have been kidding, but that could have been left out. The judges really hammered him on his technical dancing and Bruno asked him to just use one of his facial characters, haha the pot calling the kettle black?!? I was way to distracted by the yards of fabric on kym’s outfit to really even pay attention to these too, but I dont think they will be around very much longer.

Then we have Lawrence Taylor and Edyta- Usually the football player surprises American and is pretty light on their feet……. not this guy. Their cha cha “lacked crispness”(thanks dance master) and would be lost if it was thrown away (bruno this guy is 10 times your size!) Neways, Edyta did what she could by being “seductive” on the dance floor and working the draped fabric they always put on her.

Next up Shawn Johnson and Marc- I like these two, and already had high expectations for Shawn. I followed her in the Beijing Olympics and yes I cried when she won her Gold Medal…. this girl is just precious! I was a tad shocked to see her all made up and sprayed down to a look like a bronze medal, but the girl can dance. Yeah she may need to work on those “ta da” arms, but I think she has a big chance of winning this thing… and yeah I may cry again : )

Next up the cowboy, Ty Murray and another new pro also from So you think you can dance, Chelsea- I had a big smile on my face watching these two, but I don’t think Jewel did haha. Ty was sooooo out of his element, but that is the premise of the show. I hope they stick around long enough so we can see Ty rock out the Pasa doble!!! I bet that cute cowboy could work a cape!

Then we have Mr. Apple, Steve Wozniak and Karina- OH BOY was this pretty entertaining to watch. I tried to not laugh, but when he started spinning those knees…. I lost it! haha! I bet we will see some new application on the Iphone to Vote for Mr Wozniak haha! Karina just seemed PO’d by being partnered with the “super geek”, but I would love to see this ridiculous pair dance again…. that is if he passes his drug test… haha oh my!

Next up we have Denise Richards and Maks- once again another pro seemed SUPER annoyed by their star. Denise was the first to turn on the water works during rehearsals, no surprise there. She wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t good, but I think I am as annoyed as Maks is with her. Maybe she will change my mind…. probably not haha.

Last, the one I had been waiting for… Melissa Rycroft and Tony- So they missed out on the weeks of training that almost every other star had, but boy did they not need it. She was fantastic! I think the costume she had on was also last min, but my brother in law, Shane, was the first to notice the cleverly placed sequin decal on her lower back covering her “stamp”! Nice work costume designers! I cant wait to see what else they come up with maybe some fringe next time! haha I love how Bruno gave Jason the Big “loser sign” and I loved to see Melissa look like she was having the time of her life. I just hope ABC doesn’t replay that scene over and OVER again of her and Jason’s breakup… that will get kinda old.

So there you have it, the 13 dancers. My favorites were right with the judges, Gilles, Shawn and Melissa. I think it will be an all girl final with Shawn and Melissa.. but I guess we will have to see! How long do you think it will be before we see our first perfect 10’s?!?!


18 thoughts on “Glitz, Dancing, and cleverly placed sequins.

  1. yours truly...

    This is my first time getting into this show, and I really only watched this time because of Melissa! She was incredible…I am betting she will get the first 10!!

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    I’m so glad I have something else to fill my Monday night Bachelor void! I was so impressed with Melissa! I guess her cheer-leading has really paid off. She was great!! And yes, I hope they don’t play the break up anymore. I’m sure she is so sick of seeing it!

  3. Lindsey

    YAY! I love your updates and now I get to read your DWTS updates.

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I am so team Shawn and Melissa! Go girls!

  4. Arlynn

    Thanks for the DWTS update, I wasn't able to see like the first hour and a half… but I did catch Melissa's dance & I agree with you – awesome!

    I can't wait for her to wither win the trophy or fall in love with one of those smoking male professinoal dancers : ) In your face, Jason, ha!

  5. Mrs. Cup

    You have the best recaps! 🙂 I don’t usually watch DWTS, but I ended up watching it last night and I think I’ll be hooked for the season!

  6. Rachel

    I agree with you!! I think Carrie Anne will be jealous of the Melissa’s attention=)! Shane is going to be thrilled that you called him out on here watching DWTS!!!

  7. Chic Runner

    loved the recap! 🙂 I think that everyone did okay, but I truly loved Steve-o! 🙂 So funny. Also I noticed that some of them just needed the boot already. Shawn is so cute though! I can’t wait to see her do so much better!

  8. Megan

    I love your recaps! And I agree with you about Samantha. There is just something about her that gets on my nerves! She is so awkward when she does the interviews! I think Holly could do better if she just loosens up a bit!

  9. My name is Megan...

    I noticed the “dramatic” word too!!! Not so much….. haha. My husband was the first to comment on the “stamp” sequins, haha. Creative. I think Denise and her partner will hook up. Seems to be one every season…

  10. Caitlin

    Love your comments too – I did my own recap on my blog but not as detailed… I only talked about my favs and those that should not be dancing on live television.

  11. Martha

    Hi Tara!
    I have never commented before, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I read all of your updates on the bachelor, and I love Dancing with the Stars. Thank you for always having a great attitude, and I look forward to reading your future posts. I also left you an award on my blog.

  12. Ivy

    Hi Tara! I didnt get a chance to watch dwts so i am loving your recap. haha i love your nicknames for the judges.
    thank you so much for responding to my question about your friends dress.. unfortunately they are sold out of the black one online and i dont think they have it in white!

    Thank you though!

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