Hello Fabulous!

That will be my first words to my soon to be new NIECE! Yep my sister is having a girl!!!!!!! What’s even better is that my sister is doing A LOT better. So of course the first thing I did was go out and buy Miss. Bree her first fabulous outfit. 🙂 So i ventured over to 3 monkeys and was in there for an hour looking at all the miniature clothes! Little Cynthia Vincent dresses, juicy outfits, Larok SEQUIN dresses.. oh my I am so going to go broke. : ) I ended up leaving there with an apple green halter top with pink diamond rings all over it and with a black and white polka dot trim w/ matching bloomers. She will not be able to wear it until next summer, but it was so “Jimmy Choos” so I just had to get it! I also wanted to get my sister a small cake with “Bree” on it and all the cakes at the Bakery had Happy Birthday on them so I had to buy one of those, smear the icing and put Bree on it myself… yeah it didn’t look to pretty, but it was still good. : ) I absolutely LOVE being an Aunt to Claire and Owen and I cant wait to spoil Miss Bree! Here are some pics of my sis opening Bree’s first present. Oh and ps I am also secretly excited that its a girl because Drew and I like the name Rhett for a boy : ) Rhett William (after his dad).

Happy wednesday! I am watching twilight tonight for the first time with my friends!I am excited.


33 thoughts on “Hello Fabulous!

  1. Megan

    Very cute stuff you got! I just came across your sisters blog yesterday & didn't realize it was your sister until later. :0)

  2. Dollface

    Omg so cute!! Enjoy twilight.. I havent read or seen it but its on my Netflix queue!! I love reading your blog, its so uplifting!! Hope to see u on mine as well, xoxo

  3. Sarah

    I am so incredibly excited for you and your family!! Another little girl! eeee, so exciting!! : )

    Have fun watching Twilight! Overall I like the movie, but girl there are some seriously cheesy parts!!! ooof!! : )

  4. Rachel

    Bree already loves her outfit ;)!! I can’t wait to put her in it – we need to find a matching sun dress for Claire in those colors????

    Twilight is awesome – trust me you are going to love it and fall completely mad in love with Edward Cullen =)!

  5. The Heckathorns

    I can already see you and Claire planning Bree’s outifits! Haha! I’m happy Rachel and Shane are having another girl…because could you imagine two little boys running around their house with football helmets? Haha! Enjoy Twilight! The book was better, but Rob P. is nice to look at. 🙂

  6. Kayce

    YAY!! I hope I have a little girl one day. But I know I will be so broke. It seems like girl clothes are sooooooo much cuter than boy clothes. Doesn’t it?

    Have fun watching Twilight. Just so you know, I watched it the other day and wasn’t too impressed. Everyone raved over it so much that I thought it was going to be FANTASTIC and I just didn’t think it was. Let me know what you think though.

  7. jlc

    Ahhh a girl!!!!! Congrats Auntie!!!

    I love that my SIL has a girl. It’s more fun shopping for a girl than a boy. Fo sho. 😉

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