Do a little Dance..

Last night’s dancing with the stars made me cringe, then smile, then close my eyes! haha.

It started off with Denise and Maks- oh my i was gritting my teeth on this one. I had high hopes because Denise looked rather cute in her ballerina goes punk outfit, BUT it was a complete disaster. She looked quite frightened, maybe she couldn’t get the hot pink samba outfit Maks wore during rehearsals out of her mind?

Next up Shawn Johnson and Mark- ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoyed this dance. Shawn was so graceful and definitely held her own with Mark. I hope they tone down on the spray tanning on this girl and maybe put her in something “more her age” next week. These two are going to keep rockin out this competition.

Next up Gilles and Cheryl- AY CARAMBA!- This performance even got Shawn johnson’s parents to their feet. There is do denying that this couple is hot and Cherly definitely loves to dance with him. I foresee the judges asking them to “challenge themselves” more next week, gotta bring some doubt into such an obvious finale contender! Oh and how sweet was Gilles Mom! She was so pretty and such a nice women!

Next up Julianne and Chuck- They were much better than they were last week. I kinda cringed during the whole side slide because his hands looked a tad feminine and it just creeped me out. We also found out Chuch grew up on a potato farm, like every other normal person in this world.. right.. neways, I don’t see these two getting the Mirror ball trophy, but I bet we see an ABC wedding! ha!

Next up Holly and Dimitry- oh boy… I really REALLY wanted holly to do good this week, but boy was it a mess. It looked Holly was holding on to Dimitry for dear life. I still like her and hope she sticks around. I also hope Dimitry apologized to her after he basically said he missed having Jewel as a partner! sheesh!

Next up steve-o and lacey- OUCH, this guy is in A LOT of pain and when Steve-O shows it all over his face, its BAD. It was really hard to watch and I hope he gets better, but I don’t think he will be dancing much longer. So sad, because i think he has a lot of potential out there.

Then there was David Alan Greer and Kym- WOWEE can he can kick! I really liked the theatrical performance they gave us, but I still don’t know why I don’t like this guy. I admit, I didn’t get the In Living Color shout out Carrie “don’t you do lifts” Analba gave (I had to look that up), so maybe thats why I just cant invest myself in him.. I don’t really know him?

Next Lawrence Taylor and Edyta- Now this was what I was expecting out of Lawrence. He was shaking those shoulders like a professional! It really is hard to even notice Edyta’s partners when they dress her with some shoe strings and sequin cloths, I wonder if she has a say in that? Neways, I hope he sticks around, I like him! : )

Then the oh my gosh—–Steve and Karina- WOW…. WOW. I was pretty frightened watching this routine. I thought I was going to make it through the whole routine without putting my head down like Mr Dancemaster did, but then he did the “worm” or whatever you want to call that. Poor guy, he is hurt and REALLY trying, why didn’t Karina take out that “worm” move?!?! Then they zoomed over to Bruno and his face said it all. I see these two leaving tonight.

Next up Melissa and Tony- Once again they did an outstanding job. I really enjoyed this dance, but I wanted more out of them for some reason. Melissa looked stunning and I still laugh at the clever tattoo cover ups. These two are sticking around and my 10 votes are helping that cause : )

Then Lil Kim and Derek- shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang.. SHE SURE DID! I vote that they dance to that song sometime this season : ) I really like her and Derek together! He is an excellent cartographer and really made this samba all about Lil Kim’s “Bionic Booty”: ) She is a feisty one!

Last buy not least Ty and Chelsie- What an improvement! Chelsie has done so well with Ty and he is getting better and better. I just want to hug ty and not let go! Such a cutie! Even when Chelsie had a slight fall, Ty held his composure so well! I can see why Chelsie fell, that dress looked pretty hard to dance in! Major Applause to these two!

So what do yall think? Who is going to leave tonight? Who is your favorite?

on another note. A lot of you asked about some of the clothes I was wearing in previous posts.

The blue skirt is BCBG Generation and I haven’t located it online yet, but I am sure I can if someone needs help. : ) The white top is from White house black market. Very good quality and you can buy one get one half off!

The White dress I got from Twelve By Twelve Here is the link.

On a whim I went into American Eagle and found The blue top (I got it in three colors haha) and the blue and white stripped dress, all super cute and comfty.

The jean shorts are from f21

Happy Tuesday! : ) Its a monsoon outside here… Its quite insane haha!


22 thoughts on “Do a little Dance..

  1. Lindsey

    I agree 100% on everything you said!!! And I really hope there is an ABC Wedding Special on Chuck and Julianne, love them!!!
    Did you notice that some of the couples that went first don’t seem to get along? Like that one guy who missed Jewel! Oh and I’m pretty sure Denise’s partner can’t stand her. So sad!!

  2. Rachel

    Monsoon it is…Claire and Owen started running around like roof had collapsed =)!!

    I did not watch it last night, but I did see the recap at the end and Holly and Denise just made me pity them =)! My fav is still Melissa and Claire’s too!

  3. LyndsAU

    my votes go for melissa too 🙂 she’s awesome!
    Woz has to go though! so bad!! there are some pretty bad ones on there this time!

  4. Laurel

    have you read the book? Very romantic- especially the first one. I am not that into vampires but just the story is really good. Also the actress Kristen Stewart is perfect in the movie. LEt me know if you like it…

  5. Chic Runner

    HELP ME FIND THAT BLUE SKIRT. I’m obsessed. 🙂

    I am liking melissa but I think her novelty is wearing off on me. not so much a big fan. I do like Woz because he tries SO hard. And I like Ty because he’s tries so hard too, you can see him improving a lot. I wish Steveo would do better. Him and lacy are so cute together. 🙂 Gosh I could go on for days about this show. ha ha

  6. CAMoore

    Couldn’t agree with you more on half of what you said!! I am for Melissa all the way!

    PS. Did you happen to notice that it totally looked like Lil Kims boob was hanging out while the judges were giving their critics? (Even my hubby asked “is that her nip?”)

  7. Dollface

    I never got into DWTS – but my roommate is obssessed. She pauses and rewinds her favorites, haha…. did you try yet? Its super cute for outfit creating! xoxo

  8. Megan

    I totally thought Denise was HORRIBLE..but honestly thought Holly’s dance was really good! There were a few hiccups..but not as bad as I thought.

  9. Megan

    I agree with you about Ty! He is such a cutie in a little boy type of way. So adorable!
    There seem to be more couples that don’t get along this year!

  10. Shopaholic Blonde

    I haven't gotten to watch DWTS yet – I had to record it. But I can totally picture the show from your recap – Shawn & Melissa get my votes!

    I wanna know where you got the purple top you wore at Sadie's birthday party – PLEASE! I love it!!!

  11. My name is Megan...

    I too think Ty is adorable!!! I can’t decide who will leave!! I don’t think I commented below but I LOVE all yours pics! SO much fun!!! congrats on having a little niece on the way 🙂

  12. Watkins Wackiness

    I have been searching the net for that blue skirt… can’t find it… and i want it BAD!! if you run across it please let me know!! and I also love that purple shirt in your profile too!
    You’ve inspired me to re-vamp my wardrobe!! I love your blog!
    I wish I lived closer so I can come to Kitchen Queens!!

  13. Arlynn

    Woah… I'm watching the results show. Right. This. Instant. I'm dying!!!

    And you know me, ditto +++ about Edyta's wardrobe : ) Give me a flippin break; if that doesn't ward DWTS some straight male viewers, than I don't know what will. Point is, I'm tired of seeing it. ALL of it. I do think that she's a part of the final wardrobe decision. And now I'm watchign the "Chasing Pavement" performance, featuring edyta & her floss/see-through fabric ensamble. Sheesh…

    I think I could devote a whole blog to Edyta & her DWTS style. I just know it would be super successful : ) Business plan in the works.

    Excellent re-cap!


    Arlynn from Fleur De Licious

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