Birthdays and Back to Prom

Whew! What a fabulous weekend we had! We were constantly going, but it was soo much fun! Friday night I had one of my friend’s 27th Birthday! We ate at Bonefish and then out to Eddie Haskels. I met lots of new people and had a blast!

us girls at bonefish
me and the bday girl

the fab clutch I got her.. i am obsessed with oversize clutches haha

niki was out that night too!

me and kristy

being silly like always
Saturday, Kristin, Crystal and I were in a Prom Fashion show for Dillards (Our friend Catherine works there) We got our make-up done by mac and wore two prom dresses. Make-up artists like to go nuts on me, because I walk in there with barley any eye make-up and then come out wearing some bright color, this time it was teal! Crystal and Kristin were calling me Little Mermaid. haha We had so much fun. The best part is we got 25% off our purchase and I got a fabulous new purse : ) Here are some pics!

we are ready for prom haha
dont ya just love the floral print ; )

these two are getting married in 5 months!

now this is the closest thing they had to my actual prom dress 8 years ago! haha

Saturday night, Drew and I had a date night and ate at Theos. I had the most amazing Lobster ravioli. It is probably one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had! To top it off, we had cinnamon, hazelnut creme filled doughnuts with chocolate sauce! HEAVEN! I would so run an extra mile (or two) for this dinner! We had a lot of fun.. I love date nights : ) love my hubs

at theos

after dinner pics with our kid haha

Sunday afternoon we went to Fast Lanes for Drew’s Friend, Gayland, 30th birthday! It was pretty funny because when I got there, two girls I know both had on jean shorts and white shirts as did I… We all got a laugh out of it and took a picture of course: ) Hey what else is there to wear to a bowling alley haha. We then went and ate at Gayland’s favorite Thai restaurant. It was a lot of fun and Jade did an amazing job organizing all of it!

at fast lanes the jean shorts girls haha

jade and gayland the bday boy!

So we had a busy weekend, but loved every second of it! I Hope yall had a fabulous weekend too! Tonight is dancing with the stars! whoo hoo! I will not miss it this time : )


22 thoughts on “Birthdays and Back to Prom

  1. The New Mrs

    I love all the pics and that white dress is adorable!

    And based on our weekends, if we lived closer, we would totally be friends in real life, haha. 🙂

  2. Mary Belden

    Date Night! I love it. I think’s it a newlywed thing. Could you send me your address so we can send you a wedding invite? I think Alli got it, but she’s been bad about getting it to me. You can email, send me a text (479-445-3399), or post it on my blog.

  3. Megan

    Loving the pictures of you girls in prom dresses! I would love to dress up in a prom dress again!
    And I am jealous that you are already wearing jean shorts. It still hasn’t gotten that warm here!

  4. Mrs. Cole

    I am sad i had to miss Theos!!! Did mary ask you about running in the lr marathon? There is a 4 team sprint- intrested in being on our team?

  5. Kayce

    Sounds like your weekend was as busy, but fun as ours was! I love your peep toe wedges you were on date night. I may need to borrow them. HA! Oh, and just thinking about the cinnamon, hazelnut creme filled doughnuts with chocolate sauce makes my mouth water. YUM!!!

  6. jlc

    Aww I HEART PROM!!!

    And also wore a red dress to mine!! Hahah!

    Dillard’s? Hmm never been! But you looked fabulous being their model!

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