When I was little, I could NOT tolerate pain, AT ALL. My mom has always said ” I dont know how your going to have a baby!” haha As I have gotten older, It’s gotten a lot better. Well Monday morning around 3 AM, I woke up to a horrible pain right under my breast bone. It was this horrible pinching feeling that would come and go in 30 sec intervals and there was no way I could tolerate it. So I jumped out of bed and took some heartburn medicine and went back to bed… WELL I woke up at 8am with the same feeling but it was in my back now too. So like always, I go to web md (big mistake) and see what some sort of problem I have…. An Ulcer in my esophagus WHAT?!? Cancer in my esophagus OMG! … Cue Tara freaking out! SO I called my grandma and she told me it could be my gallbladder and that I need to go to the doctor asap. Oh my goodness, I was about to pass out at this point. So I call my mom and she thinks I need to see a doctor too. So I made an appt with my doc for Tuesday since I couldn’t get in Monday. Yesterday morning I woke up with the same pain and it just seemed to stick around ALL morning. I couldn’t even drink water without feeling a burning sensation down my chest. Before I went to the doctor I had already self diagnosed myself and thought I was gonna have to have some type of surgery. The doctor asked me a bunch of questions and came to the conclusion that I have esophagitis. Basically, my esophagus has been getting “acid baths” from acid reflux, for the past two days and it is completely raw/eroded. He said that some people just have acid reflux and it can trigger at any time. So I am on medication for 3 weeks and it will not be healed for three weeks. I am grateful that it is not something a lot worse!

Last night Drew and I went and ate at his Grandma’s house for dinner. She is the most caring, sweet, thoughtful women I have ever met. We always have a great time! She makes the most AMAZING carrot cake! I will always save room for it! haha. She made one for our pie table at the wedding and it was seriously gone in minutes! SO good! Here is a pic of her and I from last night.

Tonight is Kitchen Queens and I am so excited because some of my friends are coming for the first time! Perfect night to make their kitchen queen debut, because its Italian Masquerade night! yum! Have a great Thursday everyone! : )


23 thoughts on “OUCH!

  1. Shopaholic Blonde

    Oh my Ouch! I hope the medicine starts making you feel better real quick!
    Have sooo much fun at Kitchen Queens – you should all do a field trip to Arizona one month – he!!!

  2. Nessa

    Oh no!! Hope you start feeling better sooner than later!

    Drews Grandma looks like him in this pic!! 😉 The casual lean and pose AND the smile lol.

  3. Carolyn

    OH man, that sounds like it hurts! I hope it gets better soon.

    Drews grandmother is GORGEOUS! And I love carrot cake…she is a good woman!

    ps I love your shorts!

  4. Mrs. Cole

    You already told me before i read this, but i hope you start to feel better~ i know how bad that has to hurt! It was bad for me before the wedding, but it never stopped me from eating good food! See you soon!

  5. B

    Good to know it isn’t something more serious! I’m a major hypochondriac too so I feel your pain! Feel better!

  6. LyndsAU

    I am so glad it is something treatable and minor. bless your heart!! i would have been flippin too. his grandma is so precious 🙂 have a great weekend!

  7. Future Mrs. H

    Good thing it is treatable and only acid reflux!! I have a whole boatload of tummy problems and they are NOT fun… especially the acid reflux because I lovessss me some spicy food!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. CAMoore


    HOpe that KQ was a blast last night – we just couldn’t make the drive that night! Hopefully I can make my debut here in the next month! 🙂


  9. yours truly...

    Poor thing! I’ve diagnose myself with something new daily…web-md is dangerous!

    Please bring kitchen queens to Dallas!!!!! Have a great weekend lady!!

  10. Mrs. Nurse

    I turn into my own webmd when something happens. I usually think all of the worst possible diagnosis possible. I guess that is the nurse in me, ha! I hope you feel better!! Have fun at kitchen queens!

  11. Kayce

    Glad nothing toooo serious is wrong! And Drew’s grandma is so cute! Very cute picture! You’re like me . . . always on the go!

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