OOPS!, and Shamrock Day!

Hey guys! Well Monday night I went over to my friend Kristin’s house to watch gossip girl and eat dinner. After Gossip Girl was over (ps very disappointed in that episode), I realized that Dancing with the Stars was on at the same time and I missed the first hour AND I forgot to set my DVR : ( So I cant really recap this week because all I saw was Lil Kim, Melissa, Gilles and then the 5 second recap on all the dancers : ( So sorry guys, but I will say Melissa ROCKED the salsa! That girl can dance. I have been reading a lot of news reports of the “pros” complaining that Melissa has an unfair advantage… pu-lease. Do they not remember Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, MARIO LOPEZ…. Yeah, someone is always complaining. haha. Neways.. we took some silly pictures.. like always : )

Yesterday I got a much needed hair cut! I love my hair dresser, she is fabulous. My little sister and I both go to her. We decided to take pictures of her cutting my hair and when she was done haha, yep being silly again! : )

taylor is so pretty
That night my mom had a St. Patty’s day party. So Rachel, the kids, my mom and I got dressed in green and ate some yummy irish chicken pot pie that my mom made from scratch. YUMMY! I brought a delicious white cake from rick’s bakery. Not only was it St. Patrick’s day, it was also my little sister’s dog, Winston’s, first birthday! Nicole was gone to the beach so we had his birthday for her. Of course Sadie had her Patty’s day shirt on and we took lots of pics! My mom was reading a magazine the other day and she told me it said that only 4% of redheads are Irish.. i found that so hard to believe… here are some pics : )

sadie being sadie haha

mmmm cake winston in his hat i got him… he didnt like it haha

haha rachel is going to kill me for posting this pic : )

me and my mom

jake, o and me

me and the dogs

my mom rockin a green hat haha

green crown of course

haha this picture cracks me up

haha owen looks so confused on why he has a crown on his head haha

my sadie

grpu pic!

So my lovely friends talked me into being in another fashion show and this one is going to pretty fun! Look for pictures on Monday : ) Have a great wednesday everyone!


27 thoughts on “OOPS!, and Shamrock Day!

  1. yours truly...

    LOL! Poor little Sadie!!

    You were the first one I wanted to give that award to, but you already have probably recieved it a million times!! It’s the thought that counts right!?

    Hope you’re having a great day!!

  2. Kayce

    Looks like y’all had lots of fun! I think you can catch the full episode of DWTS on ABC.com. It’s worth a try.

    Oh, and I left you something on my blog. = )

  3. Laurel

    AHhh… you all are so dang cute I can’t get over it!!! Your earings!!! I love them… makes me want to get my ears pierced!

  4. Rachel

    Funny pictures – Thanks for including the one of me (I am giving you a thumbs down =)). The kids are funny in the first group shot!

  5. Carolyn

    You just reminded me how badly I need a haircut. EED GADS!

    I love the feather earrings, they are too cute…and that picture of Rachel and you is HILAR!!!! Too cute. Sisters are the best.

  6. Dollface

    First things first, love the blog, love the dog, love the name Sadie. How gorgeous is your red hair! Ahh, hope to see you on my blog, xoxo

  7. jlc

    Melissa IS pretty smooth out there isn’t she??? She was graceful in Moon River too! (Her very first dance.)

    Ahhh gotta love anyone who uses the song from Breakfast at Tiffany’s!! Classic. I’m gonna keep watching…

  8. writing4612

    The cake looks delicious!

    I love the next to the last picture of Owen because he’s like , “Oh my lord, what have I gotten myself into?”

    He’s probably also thinking, “I want a brother to help me keep these girls straight.” lol

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