Hair Flippin Dancin and Saved by the Bell!

Another monday night full of dancing, hair flippin and even more revealing costumes!

Mel and Tony- ok ok.. I didn’t LOVE Mel this week (Hiding under my desk, don’t hate me : )) Although the dance was technically precise, it just lacked umph (sp?) Maybe it was the music, I mean how would you dance seductively to If I were a boy? c’mon! I still love these two!

Shawn and Mark- I really liked these two this week. Shawn looked stunning last night! They are def the most precise and simple of the bunch, but with Shawn being 17, they couldn’t do a bedroom type dance without everyone feeling a bit uncomfortable…. but that was coming later with another pair! ::cough Julianne::

Lil Kim and Derek- First off, I laughed when they showed them in the hot rod with two HUUUUGE chocolate milk shakes.. do you actually think they drank them? : ) haha I liked these two this week, but I am going to agree with the Dancemaster… it was a bit hectic. I didn’t quite understand the two 10’s or why Carrie Anne jumped up and down and knocked out an audience member with her diamond bracelet, but I do vote Bruno uses Derek’s hairstylist next week and sports that Elvis Inspired hair due! That would deserve a 10!

Giles and Cheryl- my my my, look who fell from the leader board! I again blame this one on the song choice. I thought the jive was a 50’s dance? Why not choose some type of song from that era? I guess I am just bitter, because I would have rather seen these two dance the rumba!hubba hubba! haha : )

Julianne and Chuck- I never thought someone would have a costume on more revealing than Edyta…. but Chuck with his Lacey onesie took the cake!! .. kidding : ) No really, Julianne’s lace ensemble would have been better for the actual bedroom and I think these two tried a BIT to hard to show their sexual chemistry. Hey guys, you two are adorable together! You don’t have to try!

So I am not even going to mention Stevo and his gas problems, ick, but will give props to Lacey, girl you looked hot last night! Ty and Chelsie… hmmm, I really hope he stays!! And Edyta and Lawrence, well I liked seeing Warren Sapp return! : )

Who were your favorites? Do you think that audience member got a black eye from Carrie Anne’s diamonds? : ) And Who do you think had the best costume/lingere of of the night?

On to the next topic..

Who out there in bloggy world watched Saved By the Bell? Show of hands?!?!?

As I was running this morning, I watched an episode of it…. So many memories… Zack’s GINORMOURS cell phone, the 80’s flower bangs, the Max, the spandex!, or how about “I’m so Excited.. I’m So Excited..I’m so scared!” AND “Put your mind to it go for it.. get down and break a sweat. rock and rooooll yoouuu aint seen nothin yet!” gosh that show as great! I remember watching Saved By the Bell marathons with my sisters even though we had seen every episode a 100 times! Those were the days : ) I bought the dvd set awhile back and plan on saving it for my kids one day, hopefully they will appreciate it as much as I did : ) haha we will see

Did you watch this show? Were you in love with Zack or Slater? Who did you want to be Jesse, Kelly or Lisa?

Last, My mom made me the CUTEST stuff for my kitchen! A dog leash holder for Sadie Jane, an adorable Framed quote and a Box for Drew and I to put our bills in! Adorable! Go check our her blog! (click on the picture on her blog to see the detail 🙂 )


37 thoughts on “Hair Flippin Dancin and Saved by the Bell!

  1. Sweet Nothings

    um i have ALL the episodes on wedding and jesses dads wedding in palm springs and my brother used to sit, for hours over summre vacation, and watch the show and then quiz each othre to make sure we knew everything….

    I actually saw tiffany amber theissen in LA at the mall once, and literally freaked and called her kelly kapouski…she just laughed..

  2. KLC

    I thought Shawn and Mark did a fabulous job last night!! Of course though Julianne and Chuck are my favorite because they are just the most gorgeous couple on the face of the earth!

  3. Aliya

    ummm…. I’m not ashamed to say that I still watch SBTB every morning while I’m getting ready. And DUH, who didn’t want to be Kelly?! 🙂

  4. Turner Aycock

    When I flip the tv on and Saved by the Bell happens to be on, I totally get sucked in. I have seen every episode 100 times and can tell you what the show will be about in the opening minute. My favorite was the murder mystery one. Hated the college years though!! Totally wanted to be Kelly. xoxo

  5. Miss. Pretty

    Seriously, Chuck and Julianne went just a tad too far. It looked like she was wearing lingerie and my oh my.. my jaw was on the floor..ha.

    SBTB.. hellooo! Still on every morning, TBS. On the TV Guide channel they did a 1 hour special or “Where are they now SBTB.” I’m ashamed to admit I watched it, ha. While I got to see what was on a bazillion times..! And of course I was a Kelly/Zach fan 100%!

  6. Dollface

    yess loved sbtb! I totally watched everyday and I have the soundtrack so those songs are on my ipod, haha….. I was such a Zack fan… not into the curly hair of AC Slater.. and did not like the new class ONE BIT.. did you watch California dreams as well?! xxooo

  7. Sarah

    My brother lives in Chattanooga and he just met Mr. Belding a few weeks ago at his store and got his autograph!! HA!

  8. Arlynn

    OF COURSE I watched the Bell… I mean who (born after 1985) didn’t?!?! And I just HAD to be Kelly, I mean, come on – Homecoming Queen, head cheerleader, all the guys liked her, just to name a few reasons. Ha – what a flastback!

    p.s. Wasn’t their band name something like “Hot Sundae”???

  9. Natalie

    Heck yeah, I still watch it all the time! I thought Zach was HAWT and I LOOOOOVED Kelly! It was so funny to watch her in 90210 playing the bad girl after Saved by the Bell!

  10. Megan

    OK I am LOVING that box your mom made for you bills. I think I need one. I wish I had somewhere to put it. Space is limited in the ole APT.

  11. Candace

    Of course I was a Kelly/Zack fan! I think my favrite eposide was the dance off at the Max when Screech/Lisa danced “the sprain”…those were the good ol’ days.

  12. ♥ Chloe

    Hahahahahahaha oh, how funny. I’ve been watching old reruns on TBS every morning lately. They definitely bring back some memories!

    The College Years were awful, though. Awful awful. It’s like they changed writers for that show. As soon as they start playing those I turn the TV off. :/

  13. Risa

    Oh I just LOVED SBTB! I watched that every day after school. I didn’t care for Jesse. She was annoying. I thought both Slater and Zack were cute :-). I loved when they worked for the beach resort that one summer.

  14. Mrs. M

    I thought Zack was the coolest and was so jealous of Kelly! I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched the Saved by the Bell episodes. But I liked when they were in school and not the “summer” episodes as much.

  15. LuLu

    Still watch Saved by the Bell when I can!!! I’m still secretly in love with Zack Morris:) And I totally wanted to be Kelly!

  16. Rachel

    You know how much I love it!! One morning I tried to get Claire to watch it and she said they were all boring!!!!!! She obviously did not see HOT SUNDAE!!!!

  17. jlc

    Omg I LOVEEEEEE Saved by the Bell (love not loved it’s still presently in my heart) — *starts song* Friendssss Foreverrrrrr.


  18. yours truly...

    Great pictures!!

    I had NO idea Saved by the Bell was on DVD!!! I’m so excited now….I see a weekend long girls weekend marathon coming on!!!

    Hope you have a great day sweet girl!!

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