Colored Eggs, Baseball and EASTER!

Well hello guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Drew and I had an absolute fantastic weekend. We were busy, but loved having a weekend full of family and friends! Here is Sadie’s Easter picture that I meant to post on Good Friday, she is curled up in my pink fur coat : )

Friday night we went over to my sisters to color eggs. The kids had a blast! I took tons of pics of the kiddos coloring eggs, but I am letting my sis post them on her blog, so go check them out later today! But here are a “few” : )

my two fav easter bunnies!

the cake i got at ricks so cute!

claire loved it

drew and my mom

sadie in her “Hot Chick” shirt

claire and our papa! soooo cute!

drew and i

my grandma and I

me mom and sadie!

Nik and Aaron

tooo cute!
sadie was worn out!
Saturday was another day of Hogs Baseball. A bunch of us got together and cooked out before hand and then enjoyed the gorgeous weather!
me and mr gibby

the girls!

me and abs



watching the hogs!

pretty girls


Sunday morning, Drew and I went to my Mom and stepdad’s church for Easter Service. We are on the hunt for our church home! The service was outstanding! They had a mini passion play of the resurrection of Jesus. My step dad was a roman soldier in it. I was bawling my eyes out. It is so hard to watch but at the same time it was an awesome thing for everyone to see. Easter is an important holiday and it was the perfect time for this play to show. After church, we went to my Sisters again (I bet she is ready for Drew and I to get our house so we can take some of these parties off her hands : ) ) and we ate lunch. The food was super yummy! Drew and I had to leave right after lunch to go to his Grandmas for dinner. We spent the evening with his family and then headed home. Even though the weather was horrible and rainy, the day was wonderful. Here are some pics!
me and clairebear
jess and denny
drew and I (he was a tad sunburned)

the girls!

my mom and I

cute shoes, but the rain sure got to my hair!

jake and mom

drew and I

sadie cuddling with her daddy at nonnies

sadie cheesin at the camera in her easter dress : )
Again, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and have a wonderful week!! XOXO


28 thoughts on “Colored Eggs, Baseball and EASTER!

  1. Life of a Savannah Bride

    What a cute and fun Easter! And, I love Sadie’s outfits. I bought my dog Bella the cutest bathing suit for the lake and it was too small 🙁 She got the cutest bright orange life jacket though. Ha!

  2. Arlynn

    Ours was super busy too, but not with Easter-y things… more with painting. A ton. We're moving next weekend & we're trying to get the new placed all fixed up & ready to go – it's a TON of work; the Hubs even had to climb up on scaffolding to reach the tops of some super tall walls : )

    Of course, we went to church & brunch on Sunday & I dressed my littly guy up in a bunny outfit my aunt bought for him… too cute!

    Love Sadie girls sweet ensambles!


  3. Lis

    Great pics from your weekend! Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

    I love Sadie in her little outfits – she is SO cute!!

    Where did you get your pink shoes? Love em!

  4. Bethany

    You might be the only person I know that is as busy as I am.

    I love your dress in the egg coloring pictures. It is too cute.

    Thanks for the kind words about Jack. 🙂

    And Sadie is a doll in her Easter dress.

  5. Ashley

    Sadie is precious! We brought our little Rafa to all of our Easter festivities and he was certainly worn out by the end of it all!

    Cute blog! Stopping by from SITS!

  6. Ashley

    Love all the fun pics, sounds like you had a fun eventful weekend! I love your Easter Dress, beautiful! I was at church Saturday night, and didn’t realize that Jake was in the play! He looks SO different!!! But amazing! I get to see you soon!!!

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