Last night, Kristin, Abby, Claire and I all went to the Razorback Baseball game to see the Hogs take on #1 Arizona! and WE WON! WOO HOOO! We had so much fun! Claire was definitely more interested in the cheerleaders than the game. haha This was the first time the girls met and they were instant best friends. I had a blast snapping pictures of them acting goofing and having a blast at the game. On the way home they were “whispering” about how they were going to have a pajama party(no boys allowed) so cute! Claire stayed the night with me and we had our usual homemade popcorn and ice cream. Here are lots of fun pics…..

on our way!

silly pic in the car

claire bear and abs

how sweet : )

lil razorback fans

too cute

gotta have a hot dog

playing thumb war.. love this pic

woooooo pig sooie!

having a blast!

trying to watch the game

best friends

me and kristin

mom and daughter

random hogs golf cart!

group shot!
claire sporting drews razorback cap! love it!

Hope everyone has a great thursday! I am ready for the Easter Celebrations to begin!

27 thoughts on “WOOOOO PIG SOOIE

  1. Rachel

    Those pictures are ADORABLE!! Claire has been telling me all about her new “BEST FRIEND”!! Thanks for taking her!!!

  2. Aubrey

    Those two are just too cute. Such a good aunt you are to take her to the game with you guys. You sound like a fun aunt, I never had any fun aunts when I was young.

  3. Kari Beth

    i definitely need to make it to a game…they’re pretty good this year huh? btw, claire is just too cute!!! she looks exactly like rachel in that picture you put on facebook 🙂

  4. Lauren

    Claire is so cute and so is her new best friend! Love the pic of them walking down the rode…and the thumb war pic! haha!

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