Randoms and Lets Dance

So I forgot to mention a couple funnies from this past weekend, it must of been the shear exhaustion! haha. Kristin and I were excited about going into Anthropology at the Plaza in KC, so we went in there thinking we were going to find some fab clothes or maybe an easter dress! Well when I walked the first thing that caught my eye was the Tall, slender Yellow Pepper Grinder! haha, yes a pepper grinder! I registered for one of these and they were back ordered, so I didnt get it. Well My kitchen is done in black, white and yellow so it was perfect AND it was on sale for $13! Get out of town! Thats a steal! Then Kristin found a wine stopper she fell in love with, so we walked out of there with a pepper grinder and wine stopper, no clothes haha.

Then Saturday afternoon, after the baby shower, I was walking down my stairs at my house and then… WHOOP,BAM, SCREAM, THUD! I slipped on my dress and fell down the whole flight of stairs. Yep, OUCH! I scraped my arm, and a bruise the size of an orange is on my booty. My upper back is aching still, but I am super lucky I didnt hurt myself. Sadie’s looked at me with the funniest little face and then ran and hid under the bed haha. I dont know how I forgot this story, maybe I banged my head and didnt realize it : )

Now for Dancing…
Well, I was super excited to see Mel, Giles and Ty do the Paso Doble, but Giles just blew them all away!
Mel and Tony- The choreography was super hard and that rendition of poker face seemed even harder to dance too! Melissa did her best to keep in character, but this girl was put on this earth to smile! I still love these two and I thought Mel’s costume was hot!
Giles and Cheryl- Wowee! Even thought Giles has a rock hard body, I was glad to see the be-dazzled cropped jacket go on. These two were in a league of their own this week and rocked this dance! and his little boy! oh my word, how cute was he!
Shawn and Mark- I thought they had the best Viennese Waltz of the night. The “little” splitz twirl move was so pretty!! I thought Carrie “dont do lifts” Inabla was going to nail them for their last move, but she chalked it up to an artistic finish. These two were just plain adorable.
Ty and Chelsie- I had such HIGH hopes for Ty on this dance! I thought the choreography was great, but Ty was trying so hard and ended up looking like one of those rodeo clowns chasing Chelsie(the bull) around the dance floor. I love Ty and I hope that he stays!!

Since I always post a picture on every post…… I found this Gem last night : )

Me and my sister Rachel when we were little! :)Last……

Some people asked where I got the Sequin Jumper. Its from Forever 21 but its not online anymore.

Also I got my new purse at Urban Outfitters but it as well is not online. boo!

Have a great Day everyone! : )


27 thoughts on “Randoms and Lets Dance

  1. The New Mrs

    Awe, I love that picture of you and your sis. Adorable! And I hope that your bruise heals quickly. I fell on a sidewalk a couple months ago and I still have a bruise. ugh!

  2. Lindsey

    Whata n adorable picture of you two!!! Your hair is so gorgeous!!!

    I really think wither Mel or Gilles are gonna win it!

  3. Mrs. Classic

    That picture is so funny.
    Now you know where you learned your hands on the hips pose! I can’t get over how much Rachel looks like Claire, the next little girl will be just as cute!

  4. Kayce

    Such a cute picture! Yall both look exactly the same. Funny! I, too, love Anthropologie! The closest one to me though is in Atlanta so I don’t get to go often. They have such awesome stuff. Sorry you fell. At least you are okay though!

  5. jlc

    If your hair isn’t the prettiest color red!!! Oh my goodness!!

    Oh and I totally heart anthropologie. Hope you found some cute dresses!!

  6. Rachel

    TARA LAUREN!!!!! Thanks for the picture!!! It was definitely not one of my finest hair moments =)!!! We were some fine little girls huh =)???!!!

  7. Kyla

    Oh my gosh when I was little, my sister and I were walking down my aunt’s stairs playing Barbies and I tripped and fell all the way down… and BROKE MY NOSE!! ahhh!

  8. Casey

    I hope the bruise gets better soon. My best friend fell down my stairs one day and she looked terrible for the next week. 🙁

    The pic of you and your sis is just to adorable. I smiled so big at that!!

  9. DocElectron

    I have had many a booty-bruise in my day as well, from randomly falling, tumbling, tripping, or just collapsing over my own stumpy legs – I feel ya!

    And the picture with your sister is truly adorable.

  10. Catherine

    That is so cute! I think I had those white overalls too! I am going to agree and say that your sister looks JUST like Claire! It’s crazy! Hope your bruise is getting better! Lola has been sulking around the house for 2 days because she misses her friends! They need a play date pronto!

  11. The Rest is Still Unwritten

    I loved Melissa’s costume! I actually called my husband and said, “put it on DWTS, you have to see how hot melissa looks!” His response: “I love that you called to tell me to check out another girl!” haha!

    Sorry you fell down the stairs! My sister does that all the time!

  12. Maggie

    Oh my gosh, I love the pic of you guys when you were little!!! =) And Rachel is right, she looks so much like Claire!!!

  13. Kim at Scarlett Boutique

    This is your mother, is that my picture?!! Love it! We thought Claire looked like Nicole, but she REALLY looks like Rachel.

    Betcha you had on some fabulous heels when you fell down the stairs, didn’t you? Your Jimmy Choos by chance? I know I taught you girls that you sometimes have to sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion, but not your backside!!!

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