Racing, Baby showers, and a 30th Birthday!

Well all these busy weekends FINALLY caught up to me this past Saturday! We had another jam packed weekend, but had lots of fun!

Friday night I hung out with my mom, sister and Claire and we went to Copelands. They have the most amazing cheesecake EVER! We even topped it off with Bananas Foster! DELISH.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30 to get ready for the Race for the Cure! I will admit, I havent been up that early in a LONG time. So Sadie and I got in our Racing gear and headed to the promenade. This is the second year that we had a group for Kitchen Queens. We ate breakfast and hung out for an hour or so before the race, then we loaded up and headed to the family fun walk. I didnt run the 5k because I had Sadie, but next year she will be sleeping in for the cure while her mama runs. She was a little overwhelmed and I had to hold her during the family fun walk. haha…Here are lots of fun pics!

how sweet are these two!

I want an outfit like claires : )

group shot

me and my bestie

how sweet

abs and kristin

nic and mom

our fur babies getting ready for the race

piggy back rides!

aww : )


look at that cute boy!!!

awww tooo sinkin cute!
Then Saturday afternoon Rachel, my mom, Brooke and I went to a Baby shower for our friend Ashley. It was such a colorful, fun shower and they did a great job on it. Drew and I got Miss Avery some baby leopard heels. SO STINKIN CUTE! We also got burp cloths that had a crown and “think princess” on them. I love baby stuff! Ashley’s baby got tons of adorable things, she is set up! I didnt get a chance to take any pictures, but we had a wonderful time!
THEN, I met Drew at Joses for margaritas and cheese dip. Yum! I started to get a little sleepy at this point. That night we had Drew’s co-workers Surprise 30th Birthday! I was hoping I would get my third wind, but at 11:00 I was WORN OUT! Kristin and Drew tried to talk me into staying out, but I was about to fall asleep standing up haha. We did manage to get some pics before I left though! : )
dontcha love kristin’s new hair cut!

me and the hubs

silly time

haha love her!

the birthday boy!!

the girls

pretty girls!
Sunday night we met some friends at Bizzy’s for dinner then Drew and I went and looked at a condo we are thinking about moving too. We are on the house hunt right now, but wanted to move to the other side of Fayetteville until we find our dream home. I fell in love with the condo and we may make a move pretty soon.
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Its going to be a gloomy week here.. rain allllll week long! April showers bring May flowers… lets hope so : )


36 thoughts on “Racing, Baby showers, and a 30th Birthday!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    I love your dress your wore out Sat. night. Haha! I was going to appologize for not calling you and meeting up with you on Dickson, but you did the same thing we did. I was in bed asleep by 12! Before that, I was passed out on the couch trying to watch a movie. I was too tired for Dickson.

  2. Arlynn

    Copelands is SO yummy!!! Mmmm… now I'm already for lunch : )

    It's so awesome that you all participated as a group for Walk for the Cure, makes it eve more fun!

    I had an exhausting weekend (mainly Saturday) too & needed most of Sunday to recover, ha!

    Sadie looked adorable, as usual – I wish the Hubs would let me dress him in pretty, pretty pink outfits : – )

  3. Amanda

    Thanks for taking all the great pictures this weekend, Tara! Sorry I kept asking you to, but you always have that camera in hand, and I can’t believe I forgot mine!

    Cute dress Saturday night! =)

  4. Kim at Scarlett Boutique

    What a fun weekend, I am STILL tired! The race was great, thanks to all the kitchen queens for participating! Ashley’s shower, WOW!! The high heels were divine, soo Ashley! Can’t wait to see the new digs, I have already started decorating it in my mind…!

  5. CAMoore

    great pics!!!! The race was fun- so glad we joined in with y’all! Your family is precious!

    I might be borrowing pics! 🙂

    Ps- love your dress!

  6. Stacia

    I happened upon your blog last week, I think I have now read the whole thing. Your blog is great!! Keep up the blogging!

  7. Brown Eyed Girl

    Love your pics and your dress in the last set of them!! So so cute! You are so busy! How do you do it?? I’ve been that way for the last couple of weekends and am so ready for some down time!

  8. Ashley

    Tara- you are SO sweet! Thank you for everything you did for the shower, the gifts were precious! I appreciate you and your sisters, mom SO much!!!!!! I love you girls!!! XOXO!

  9. yours truly...

    Girlie, it’s a wonder you don’t fall over dead from exhaustion as busy as you always are!!! I’m just at amazed at you still look so stinking flawless all the time. You are a rockstar.

    PRECIOUS dress by the way!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carolyn

    WOOHOO! Good luck with the condo!! That is so exciting.

    And I feel ya on being so tired you just HAVE to go…I mean, when you are done you’re DONE!!!

    ps I think I fixed my blog, let me know if you can see it!

  11. Megan

    Love the pics from the race, and love that your fur babies joined you! That dress from Saturday night is absolutely adorable (as usual) I will send you my address so that you can send me your dresses when you are done with them! 🙂

  12. Gwen

    We do the Race 4 A Cure every year and this will hopefully be my first year actually running it. Love the dress you wore out!!! I hope to be thin enough soon to wear fabulous dresses out in public instead of just in my head!! LOL!!! XOXO

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