Single Ladies.. and Just Plain Busy!

Well the night started off with some sad news.. Mel is injured. Everyone could tell she was in some SERIOUS pain last week and she actually hurt it even worse! I really hope she recovers and comes back!

The Group Dances

Team Mambo- thier Single Ladies Dance… was just SPECTACULAR!!! Maybe its because I secretly want to learn beyonce’s moves from the music video. haha I just flat out loved it! I even rewinded it to see what Drew thought… yeah he didnt have much of a reaction haha. : ) The only thing is that I wished Mel got to dance, she would have rocked it!

Team Tango- loved the song, but I think they got the easier dance out of the two. Little Kim did awesome and I was so happy Ty brought his A game to this dance! Maybe I still had the vision of chuck, mark and tony in those leotards and white tights to even pay attention to this group? haha

Lil Kim and Derek- i really liked her this week. Their Paso Doble was really strong. I just wish she would tame down those facial expressions. I think Derek is one of the best choreographers, but I dont know if they have it to win this thing.

Giles and Cheryl- ehhhh what has happened to Giles? This week they had the Lindy Hop and they were just plain sloppy. Giles did sale the performance but I wasnt impressed. ABC also had to pull out the “bleeps” for Cheryls potty mouth in rehearsal! Why are they painting her in such a bad light?!?!

Shawn and Mark- again.. another so so performance. AND again I did NOT like the music. How can you dance a Latin dance when the music isnt even up tempo? Shawn is becoming a lot more free and comfortable on the dance floor, and I still see her in the finals.

Ty and Chelsie- holy batman spray tan! haha Ty embraced the orange glow of Dancing with the stars and that deserved a standing ovation in itself! This was actually one of my favorite dances of the night. Chelsie has always reminded me of Julianne and she really did last night. I really hope he doesnt go home, but I think it may be the end for him.

Chuck and Julianne- Chuck is gathering quite a collection of silk pj’s from this competition! haha. Chuck puts 110% into every dance and his fans will keep him in this competition. I think the one shoulder leotards he and Julianne sported would be EXCELLENT Halloween costumes if any of you ladies can get your man to sport it : )

So Drew and I are going to be even more busy than we normally are! Yeah, craziness! In the next month we are moving, have 3 graduations, a graduation party, a wedding, and 2 baby showers!!! I am not complaining, I am excited about the events and love the people apart of them so its going to be a REALLY fun month! And lots of opportunities for pictures! haha (and an excuse to buy more dresses 😉 )

ALSO, I am in the process of planning my sister’s baby shower! I am SO excited! We have SO many ideas and the color scheme is going to be gorgeous! Its all going to be a surprise, so you will have to wait for pictures! Its going to be fabulous!

Have a great day everyone! Sadie was in a posing mood today : )


24 thoughts on “Single Ladies.. and Just Plain Busy!

  1. The New Mrs

    I love planning showers! Baby, bridal, doesn’t matter! I love ’em all 🙂

    And every year when May comes around, the wedding invites start rolling in! We have 8 wedding between June and August. Craziness!

  2. LyndsAU

    ok i am sooo with you on Lil Kim’s facial expressions!! I mean seriously it drives me crazy!
    so sad Mel was hurt!! i am gonna be PISSED if she goes home!
    And I don’t like the Lindy Hop at all. It’s messy everytime someone does it!

  3. CAMoore

    I was just telling Rach and your mom that baby showers ought to be when they are like 20-28 weeks preggo. (for the sake of the mommy actually being comfy during the shower!) So you are on top of it girl!!!! WAy to go!

    I am inviting myself if you don’t invite me! 🙂

  4. Megan

    I missed the Single Ladies group dance! I am so sad!
    I bet the shower will be beautiful! And you are moving so I guess you went with the condo? Congrats that is exciting!

  5. Lindsey

    YES! Lil Kim’s facial expressions drive me crazy, I’m glad you noticed too, haha!
    Wow you are so busy! Lots of fun things I can’t wait to hear/see pics of!=)

  6. Watkins Wackiness

    I love the say Sadie poses… My little girl, Miss T, isn’t quite the camera hog her mother would love her to be!! She doesn’t even like to wear clothes. She does have a bling bling BB Simon collar! I think my dog is more of a Tom Boy… I love her but I wish she was a little more prissy!!

  7. Missy

    I love that you love DWTS too! I can’t decide who I want to win though! I was pretty glad who got voted off tonight though 🙂

  8. Gwen

    Can’t wait to see all of the photos from the shower!!! Love Sadie’s pics!! She’s such a fabulous model!! XOXO

  9. Brown Eyed Girl

    I was so sad that Melissa was hurt! I hope she’s back next week!! And I loved the Single Ladies performance..especially when the guys stripped down to their tights – hilarious!

    Sadie is so precious! She must love the camera- ha!

  10. CAMoore

    what about that DRAMA last night on DWTS??? Like it was necessary to make us all wait until the last 5 seconds to hear Mel wasn’t going home!??? Geez!

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