Rainy Day Randomness

Hey guys! Well I am having bloggy writers block so I am stealing this idea from a a blog i saw the other day.

10 Things that make me ridiculously happy thru my pictures (in no particular order)

1. Drinking Red wine.. in Napa : )
2. Having pictures like this to look back upon (u girls are gonna kill me)
Amanda- I bet ya didnt know your tutu’s were so versatile : )

3. The way Drew looks at me

4. Sadie Jane Gibson

5. Claire and Owen

6. Sister Time!

7. Birthdays!!!

8. The beach!

9. Girl Time!
10. Christmas Trees!
Play if you want too!! Hope everyone is having a great day! XOXO


33 thoughts on “Rainy Day Randomness

  1. the future mrs Hinz

    my favorite was the enagement pic of you and drew on the stairs – your hair looks amazing! i love the way the sun makes the color just POP!

    i hope my little niece blakely’s red hair turns out as gorgeous as yours.

  2. Arlynn

    I love this, so stinkin' fun!!! i'm totally stealing it from you for an upcomgin post. No doubt…

    p.s. I adore that tree. One of these days, I'm doing a totally peacock-themed tree, feather topper & all : – )

  3. Nessa

    I love this post!! The tutu picture is hilarious!!

    …and i feel like killing myslef at the now Ms.Skinny legs!! lol

  4. Candice

    I love this idea…I might just copy! All your pics are so cute. I just went to Napa to go wine tasting…you will probably see that on my list too πŸ™‚

  5. Laurel

    This is a fun post!!! I love your wedding pictures! (Thanks for always commenting on my blog. I dont have a ton of followers- so it is so much fun to see your comments.)

  6. Kyla

    I love looking at your pictures πŸ™‚

    And Kayla (Head over Heels) and I are in Fayetteville too- so it’s bound to happen that we are totally going to run into you someday!!

  7. Maggie

    Great post!! =)

    Rachel’s comment cracks me up!! My sister is ALWAYS blogging some awful picture of me!! LOL She’ll be snapping pictures at my house of the kids (and some of me) and I’m like, “Uh, I HOPE that doesn’t end up on your blog!!” hahahaha

  8. Jessica

    So funny!!! I’m so glad that you put up the tutu picture, that was a fun night. We need to do that again. What are y’all doing this weekend? Haven’t seen ya in a while and I MISS YOU!!!!

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