A Chase, Naked boys and more Roses

Well another crazy episode of the bachelorette this week where some boys didnt leave anything to the imagination.

So the boys move into their new digs, where they find themselves bunking quite close to one another. I think they should do this to the girls during a season of the bachelor, now that would be funny. Then we see Jill laying out sipping on what could be her 3rd drink of the morning, did anyone else notice how much this girl drank this episode? Could be why she kept Tanner ONCE again, but moving on. : ) Chris shows up at the bachelor pad and tells this about how the dates are going to work and drops off the first group date card. The chosen boys head over to the Mansion and for a pool party with Jill. Michael was about to jump out of his swim trunks when he saw the rose on the table and stated that he wanted the rose and Jill… immediately .. Calm down boy! Not noticing the raging hormones, Jill takes Michael off for some one on one time. Michael still not able to control himself yells out to the guys that he will let them know what Jill’s room is like later. Nice. Five minutes into conversation with hormone boy, Jill awkwardly gets up and heads back downstairs. Michael thinks he is getting the rose, but what they dont know is that Jill just made a getaway in a Mini Cooper. Chris comes out and tells them the race is on for Jillian’s heart and the boys head out front and get paired off into teams to go find Jill and she will choose one to have dinner with.

Foot boy and hormone boy get paired together and start screaming like little girls. Ironically, they were the first pair to find the map and head in the right direction. Jill heads to a jewelry shop where she pics out 4 necklaces for the boys to choose and she also makes a call to them. Tanner and Michael could barley contain themselves and started making all sorts of animal call noises when they find out Jill has not be “rescued” yet. Michael even said he peed in his trunks, can someone please throw some ice cold water on this boy? The race date continues and the boys are forced to put on some cheap tuxes and find clues in a restaurant. Some succeed, some fail, but Wes and Brad are the first to make it to Jill. I dont know what is up with the stylist on this show, but c’mon, Jill has a rockin body, get her some dresses that flatter her and actualy fit! So Jill has to choose one and Brad thinks he has it in the bag, because he was the so called brains of the team (I will give him that, Wes seems like a real big Douche) But to noone’s surprise, Jill picks Wes.

So they venture off into the bank vault and have dinner. Jill immediately starts questioning him about his past relationships. Wes says he has only had a couple of girlfriends and just a few in between. Uh huh sure. Jill in a private interview, states that she does feel like she has to protect herself from him a little, but then 5 min later they are making out.

Next up is the one on one date with the Pilot, Jake. Jill shows up in a flapper dress with some tall red boots on. You can only imagine what the boys were saying. So Jill jumps in the drivers seat of a purple convertible and takes Jake to a cowboy store where she plays dress up on him. Holy batman abs! This guy has one hot body! Then Jill takes him to the House of Blues where she gets up on the bar, sans music,and does the “coyote ugly” The whole situation was uncomfortable to watch, because Jake so desperately wanted to take a peek, but he was a “good boy”. Then they go sit down for dinner where Jill starts to drill Jake with questions. She seemed to worry that Jake would be up in the air flying and never home like our Chihuahua musician Wes. Then Jake asks Jill if she wanted to end of married after all this, but didnt get her a chance to answer because he swooped in and nailed a big wet one on her. Of course Jill loved it. Then Martina Mcbride appears and the two go off into their own little world, and they dance the night away. Jake leaves this date already thinking about having mini Jills and Jakes with our bachelorette. ha! Not so fast buddy

The next group date the boys and Jill go to Venice beach for some basketball! Every season there are a few guys the boys hate, and right now that boy is Juan. Lots of bashing on him went on during this date. After the bachelors attempt to impress jill on the court, she comes trotting up over the horizon with the Harlem Globetrotters. You can only imagine how silly they made the boys look. One Globetrotter placed Jill on the rim and left her dangling and Juan came in for the save… I guess the others were too busy calling him a fairy behind is back. And do you remember mute dave on the first night? Well he is showing his true colors now and its just plain rage. Later on the group is sitting on the beach and Mike decides to strip down to his speedo and jump into the ocean. Jill loved it and thought it was “freaking awesome” hmmmm. Later they all sit under a cabana for some tequila shots and I guess Juan poured his out. All of a sudden steam started pouring out of Dave’s ears and he proclaimed that Juan should be tied to a tree and beat up. Wow real winner they picked here. Meanwhile Juan was busy telling Jill how piercing her green eyes were during the sunset earlier, and SHE ATE IT UP. How many tequila shots did she take? Then Kiptyn comes over and Jill can hardly contain herself and just starts making out with him, but later she gives the coveted rose to speedo Mike.

The cocktail party finally arrives! Tanner cant take it any longer and immediately goes in for the feet. He lets Jill and everyone know about his fetish, which would seriously creep me out but I guess Jill loves that too. Robby then comes over and hands Jill her 10th drink of the night and tries to get some time with her since he didnt have a date, but Wes ruins that for him and steals Jill away. The boys were not liking that and started accusing him of just being there for his music. After the fuss, Chris brings out a ballot box for the boys to vote on who they want to leave the house… tonight (yeah right). Since Wes already had a rose, you can guess who was on the chopping block.. Juan. BUT FIRST, Brian gathered everyone outside for a sudden strip tease, hey it worked for Mike, and jumps into the pull completely naked. Jill was a little (very) taken back and when Micahel asked for a kiss she barley gave him a hug. Your fate was sealed buddy. Then they all gather in the living room for the ballot results and you guessed it Juan was the looser. Like last season, Jill the chance to save the looser and she did. I am surprised we didnt see Dave give Juan a round house kick to the face, they must of had him restrained or something. ha! The rose ceremony comes and goes and Foot boy is still around. I dont get it…. at all.

Is your favorite still around? Who are you glad to see go?

I am going to say that Mike, Wes, Reid and Kip are the final four. I am not sure how things go sour with pilot Jake, but I am pretty sure they do. Maybe he is the one with the girlfriend?

Hope everyone is having a great day! I did find out today at the doctor that I do have strep, blah, but I got me some meds and hope to feel better soon! : )


13 thoughts on “A Chase, Naked boys and more Roses

  1. cassi rash

    Again, we were at a cook out and didn’t get to watch. You do a GREAT job of filling us in! Do you watch “The Soup” on E!? They were recaping the first Bachelorette epidsode and were saying that Jill is obviously not a good judge of character for 1) being on the bachelorette and 2) for not being creeped out by Tanner aka Mr. Foot Fetish. It cracked me up!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Miss. Pretty

    Thanks for the recap.. I watched up until the second group date then watched Jon and Kate–bad, I know!

    I hate WES and creepy foot boy..! FYI love that you called him Chihuahua country boy hahahaha!

    I love Jake..and yes his abs are A-MA-ZING!!! As much as I want him to win, I really think that he’s the one with the gf..

    I’m not sure on my final 4 yet..but I like your picks!

    Feel better 🙂

  3. Aartee

    I watched and I have to say some of these guys are a litte “special” what is she thinking with the foot fetish guy and wes?? The show after Here come the Newlyweds was cute though!

  4. Maggie

    OK, seriously, how did I miss that things go sour with Jake?! LOL See, this is why I need your recaps, Tara. haha Their date was really sweet – you could tell they were both genuinely having a great time.

    The feet dude is on my last nerve – but like I said last week, I bet they force her keep some of the loonies around to make for some interesting TV. I mean, come on, did you see her face when she finally realized he had a foot fetish??? She was totally freaked out by him!! I thought for sure she was sending his bottom home this week.

    I don’t think Juan is a good pick for her either. I mean, he’s nice enough, but compared to some of the other favs in the house, he just can’t compete. I am a little scared of that one guy (can’t remember his name) that wants to “tie him to a tree and beat him” due to the “man code” LOL Geez, dude, lighten up!! And I rewinded the thing 3 times and never saw him dump out his shot. Give the guy a break; maybe he doesn’t drink. LOL I guess we get to see more of his violence next week when he confronts poor Juan. Because of his anger management issues, I think he should be sent home as well. Jill doesn’t need that!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  5. THE Stephanie

    Thank goodness for your recap! I wasn’t able to watch, but after that, I don’t think I needed to. I feel like I just watched it on your blog!! You’re the best! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Missy

    Hm…the pilot and Reid are my favorites so far…Reid is so cute!

    I am so sorry I’ve been a bad commenter lately…I promise, I’ve read all of your posts…you look beautiful!

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