Thank Goodness Tmrw is Friday!

Hey everyone!! I am SOOOO Glad tmrw is Friday! My throat doesn’t feel like I am swallowing knives.. yes that’s literally how it felt, and I have a super fun weekend ahead of me! Drew and I had a date night at home tonight. He cooked a delicious dinner and even did all the dishes! WOW! But then he begged me to go get him ice cream,… there is always a catch haha j/k. ; ) Thank you for the sweet comments on the last post! I will post more “exercise” posts in the future and try to take pics VERY soon of some exercises I do! Here is a pic of Miss Sadie being lazy tonight AND a pic of a dress I got for the wedding this weekend! I love it! I have these gorgeous vintage inspired earrings to go with it! Have a lovely Friday everyone!
(I was in a dressing room when I took this, bc I sent it to my bestie for a 2nd opinion, : ))
Have a wonderful weekend Everyone!
oh and ps. That white backless ruffle top in this post is made by Blaque Label for the girls that wanted to know : )


24 thoughts on “Thank Goodness Tmrw is Friday!

  1. ~Mrs. Guru~

    Love, Love , Love the dress! Any jewelry store recommendations. I am always on the hunt for different types. Also, can I come stay the weekend with you and go shopping because I always love your clothes! You inspire me to dress super cute!

  2. quite contrary

    yea so I went to post a comment on your I ‘heart’ treadmill post and I didn’t feel like scrolling down through 36 CoMMENTS to leave a post…geez…so I am leaving it here…I CANT BELIEVE YOU RUN THAT MUCH! When I ran the 6 miles in the Bridge Run I thought that was a huge accomplishment…were you like laughing at me? haha
    I love that dress and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Jennifer

    I don’t think I have ever commented, but I adore reading your blog! I always wonder where you buy Sadie’s dog clothes? I have a small boy dog and I love to dress him up, but I don’t really know what websites are good. I have bought some at Petsmart, Walmart, and a local pet boutique. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Amanda

    OH MY GOSH! I literally just returned that dress. I bought it and another to try out for the same wedding, I think. I think we both would have DIED if we showed up in the same dress! No worries, though, it went back and I have something totally different! Ha!

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