A weekend full of Sunshine!

Wow was the weather gorgeous this weekend! So we took full advantage of it! Friday night we went over to our friends, the Coles, for a cookout! We ate yummy cabobs and had lots of fun! Our other friends, the parkers, just had a baby girl not to long ago and she was there. We had fun passing her around! So cute!

Saturday night was our friends, Jason and Kalie’s wedding! My friend Niki came over and got ready with me while the boys hung out. The wedding was beautiful and Kalie looked absolutely stunning. They are such an adorable couple! We are so happy for them. We danced almost the whole night and had a blast! I managed to get lots of pics of Drew and his buddies, they are pretty priceless….

me and niki after the ceremony

meg and I

the boys getting down haha the groom and drew

me and the bands lead singer. They were awesome!

hahaha this cracks me up

it was time to go at this point haha

Sunday I hung out with Kristin and her new puppy, Chloe Chanel! She is the SWEETEST thing (next to my Sadie of course:)). Of course I brought her a new shirt to wear! She loves clothes just like sadie haha. so cute! Sadie and Chloe havent met yet, but we know they will be besties just like their mamas! We layed out at the pool and then ate some lunch! It was such a beautiful day. Here are some pics!

isnt she a doll

she loves her aunt T

i love summer!

being goofy

ole for joses!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! XOXO


35 thoughts on “A weekend full of Sunshine!

  1. the future mrs Hailey Hinz

    looks like you had another super fab weekend! you are always on the go go go. we would totally hang out all the time if i actually lived there! we are so alike it cracks me up 🙂

    love all of your pics as always and you looked super hot pool side 🙂

  2. cassi rash

    looks like a super fun wedding. i love all the pictures! they’re hilarious! you are so tan…i’m dying to have a free weekend to lay by the pool!

  3. Arlynn

    What a fun wedding!?! And I love that you made friends with the band’s singer – ha!

    Our weekend was crazy too, and I haven’t even finished posting the recap of the weekend before, so behind, ahh!!!

    One thing to look forward to tonight = The Bachelorette : – )



  4. CAMoore

    I love wedding season!!!! Getting all dressed up and going out dancing!!! Looks like you all had a great time (esp Drew!) haha

    Lovely weekend!

  5. Mojito Maven

    You’re looking as beautiful as ever! You should know that your running post has motivated me to hit the treadmill. I can’t feel my legs today. i blame you bwahahahahah

  6. Lea Liz

    Looks likke you had a great weekend!! Your dress ended up looking great for the wedding and I love the earrings you wore with it!!

  7. Lia

    Where is the blue and white dress from? 🙂

    Also, I was reading back into your past entries. And I want to see so badly that white backless shirt with ruffles. Would LOVE to see what ya wear it with!

  8. Maggie

    Great pics of the boys – LOL, Drew cracks me up. What a fun weekend!!

    Countin’ down the hours for another episode of the Bachelorette!! LOL =)

    You’ll get a kick out of this… Today is my brother-in-law’s b-day and we had planned to have a cook out for him at our house tomorrow night (thinking all weekend that June 1st was Tuesday). This morning we found out on the way to work that it was really today, so we had to make a few phone calls to all the guests on the day change – and we are sitting there in the car after we found out we’d have to move it and I go, “Oh no, I’m going to miss watching the Bachelorette live tonight! We could still just have it tomorrow, couldn’t we?” *just teasing him* And Jeramy goes, “I CAN NOT believe you just said that!” LOL I cracked up!!!

  9. Jessica

    Chloe Chanel is a great name. Pool side looked like so much fun and the Mexican food after looked yummy. Glad you had a great weekend. What are your plans for this week? I know its only Tuesday, but I bet you already have a full weekend. Denny and I don’t have any plans. I thought about a baseball game, but they are not in town this weekend. Maybe a round of golf or movie.
    FYI Denny just walked by and he said “why are you always looking at her stuff” and I said that’s what you do and he said “is it that interesting?” I said YES!!!!!

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