Where do they find these Wackos?

Well I dont know about yall, but I am losing a little faith in our bachelorette after her decision to keep a few of these tools…..

Starts off with the guys in their brady bunchesque house and they find out Ed gets the first one on one date. We haven’t seen much of this guy yet, but Jillian is “really attracted” to him, like every other guy in the house. So Jill comes and gets Mr. Ed and they hop into a helicopter, which seems to be the only way to roll on the bachelor. They land on top of a building and Jill tells him that they are going to be zip lining down a building. Ed seemed a tad freaked out, but honestly who wouldn’t! It wasnt much of a “zip” line, since they were going pretty slow, I am sure Ed was relieved. After they landed, they headed to the pool. We all know what that leads too. Later, they have dinner and Jill states that she has “popped Ed’s helicopter Cherry.” hmmmm awkward moment, but they still end up making out. He flat out asks if he is getting the rose and of course… he does. Back at the house the guys find out that 11 of them are going on the next group date.

So the sun rises and Jill shows up and takes the boys to an Old West set. Everyone remembers the saliva swap last year on Jason’s episode… GROSS, well this was round 2. The boys get dressed up like cowboys, except for our Foot Boy.. He gets a furry chaps and vest! Priceless. Time for the “acting”scenes. Jill kisses about 5 of the boys and the others just stand back in disgust. The one lucky lad that got the”real” kiss of the date was Robby boy. Jill starts to describe him like a cuddly teddy bear.. cutest smile, cutest eyes, so warm and cuddly(maybe she didn’t say cuddly : )) But right when we think she may like an actual genuine boy, Wes comes over and steals her away. Lucky us, he didn’t bring his guitar, but he does tell Jill that he wants to start weeding the other guys out. Jill feels like Wes thinks he owns her, and of course SHE LIKES IT. At the end of the day Michael and Mike are forced to do a Broke Back Mountain scene. Pretty funny.
After a long day at the set, they head up to a penthouse and get into a gigantic hot tub. 11 guys and “hot tub Harris” in a hot tub, this could get interesting. Our Foot boy went straight for, well her feet. Stating that he wants to put them in his mouth (my ears!) and rub them on his face(my eyes!) BLEH! Jill tries to steal a moment with Reid, but since they were literally 2 ft away from the hottub, it didnt happen. Thank goodness the date ended soon and of course teddy bear Robby got the rose. Back at the house, Rage man Dave was on a rampage stating that he wanted to kill Juan. When did death threats become ok on the bachelor? A date card comes and Sasha gets the last one on one date. He is a self described “all around guy” and Jillian made the right choice according to him… guess we will see.

Jill shows up the next day and takes Sasha to an Automotive Museum, which turns into a photoshoot. Later Jill takes Sasha out to a Ferrari and some old vintage car and he gets to pick which one he wants to borrow for the night… of course he picked the Ferrari. They go for a ride and he puts the petal to the metal and once again…. jill LOVED IT. Then they go sit down for dinner and we find out that Sasha was in a horrible car accident when he was 18. Ok, couldn’t the producers given him some kind of concert date instead of a wild car ride? Things seem to be going well until Sasha says that he has never been in love. Jill then goes off to get the rose but instead of sticking it to him, she sends him home…. on a bus. I guess its better than being dropped off on the side of the road like on Deanna’s season! Jill heads home and a spotlight appears outside Jill’s window (not really haha) and Wes appears with his guitar. We hear Chihuahua’s next #1 hit once again. Sing it with me. Love don’t come eaaaaaaaaaassssssssy. And you guessed it.. Jill Loves it! Doh!

Finally its time for the cocktail party. Mr Rage man forgot to take his crazy pills and immediately sits down with Jill. He states that he is used to being the “top dog”, but then Juan comes in for the steal. Surprisingly Dave’s anger was kept under control.. but not for long. Later we hear Foot boy talking about how he is only there to suck on some toes and meet Jillian. Jill then comes over to Foot boy and places her feet in his lap and then later states that she is becoming more and more comfortable around him. Ok, seriously? Are we being played again this season? Back outside Dave has officially grown horns out of his head and starts laying into Juan. It was almost like an episode of “I am a Celebrity, Get me out of here” than the bachlorette! Lots of profanity and a death threat later, Jill goes and sits with Chris Harrison. Jill tells him that she is going to keep Dave around.. ok shouldn’t someone step in at this time? WOW. FinallyTanner F and Brad get the boot.

So what do you think? Is Jill THAT desperate to keep such wackos around? I am quite confused myself. Anyone else have that stupid song stuck in their head? : )


23 thoughts on “Where do they find these Wackos?

  1. xoxo sarahbeth

    I think that Juan, Wes, Tanner P and David are all crazy creepers with capital Cs! I love Jake, Kiptyn, Robbie and Ed though – they seem genuine in their intentions compared to the previous 4! The show is like a trainwreck I can’t stop watching! My Mama, sister and I watch it together every Monday! 🙂

  2. Miss HoneyDew

    I could not believe she kept CrAzY eyes David around! Did you see his face when he was the last to get the rose?! OMG creepster for sure!!! I think I like Kyptin right now.

  3. CAMoore

    So I haven’t watched a show since the first one- figured this season was going to be a joke! But I still love to read our recaps- they are great!

    Hope your having a great week!

  4. Brown Eyed Girl

    So glad you do these posts since I missed this last night! I can’t believe Foot boy is still there…seriously?? Is this staged again for ratings!

  5. Rachel

    I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but your post had me laughing out loud!! I can’t believe she kept David – he is a nut job!!!!

  6. Chasity M

    Thanks for the recap! I refuse to watch this season. Oh who am I kidding, I’ll probably watch the last few episodes like I do every.single.time I promise myself not to get caught up in their crazy drama!

  7. The New Mrs

    i HATE juan. *loathe* and also, who the heck does david think he is? “im used to being the top dog?” who says that? and why is he on a show where he has to compete with 20 other guys. I don’t see a good ‘together forever’ ending this season!

  8. cassi rash

    I agree with Joel McHale from The Soup…she’s obviously not a good judge of character. This is the first episode I’ve actually gotten to watch and it was painful. I love how Freaky Foot Boy claims he’s there for Jillian and then proceeds to mention Jill’s feet and then Jill. That boy is crazy…like seriously has issues. He gives me the creeps! I like Sasha…don’t really understand why she sent him home!

  9. Maggie

    OK, now I KNOW the producers make her keep the nuts around to make for some drama filled television. Foot Boy, Cowboy Wantabe, and Mad Dog HAVE GOT TO GO!!! His eyes are the scariest things I have ever seen – why can’t she see that?! Eye-yi-yi!! I’m starting to lose faith in her decision making, SERIOUSLY!!

    I didn’t see last night’s show yet – cuz we had Jeramy’s bro’s birthday party at the house, but I plan to watch it tonight. I can’t wait… thanks for the update – I always loving reading your take before I watch so I know what’s coming and I can clue in to different scenes easier. haha

  10. Chic Runner

    There are so many freaks and I love Jillian (for her body and style) but her brains seem to be non existent. Really? What is she thinking. I foresee more bachelor type failure!

  11. Arlynn

    Oh man… I just have SO much to say about this one. Tanner P. MUST go & if not, I'm not watching anymore (maybe). I actually liked Sasha & hated her BS reason to let him go.

    They're probably keeping Drama-Dave on for ratings, I mean come on, who doesn't want to see a man biatch fight on the Bachalorette?!?

    I'm not surprized or disapointed in the guys she let go, I mean they were on the bottom of my 1-10 scale if you know what I mean & one of them (Ben?) is a bit of a Macully Culkin look-alike… do you see it?

  12. Jessica

    Thanks for the recap. I didn’t watch it last night and by time I got home from the gym I forgot to DVR it and I only got the last hour saved. Next Monday we have to meet up and watch it. I hate not seeing y’all on Monday’s.

  13. Shoshanah

    I agree the foot guy is so weird.
    And have you been reading Chris Harrison's blog? I haven't read it much this season but did for Jason's. He gives away all types of random behind the scenes tidbits.

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